02 November, 2013

Paul & Joe Spring 2014 Collection: More Information on Individual Products

This entry contains the information that I have on the Spring 2014 Paul & Joe collection so far. For the complete collection of pictures, please refer to previous blog post HERE.

If you like this blog entry, feel free to share it, but please give me the credit since it took me a long time to translate the original source into English from Japanese. Thanks!

Original Source: Voce Magazine

Face Powder: Similar to Guerlain's Meteorites balls, Paul & Joe's Face Powder balls will be a combination of pearly and matte shades. The pearly ones are pink and yellow, while the matte ones are blue and white.

Color Powder / Blush: The motif for these color powders, which I am assuming are blushes, is a pair of parakeet, known as "love birds." There will be a total of three shades, as follow: In Bloom; Azalea, and Dahlia.

Lipsticks: The lipsticks, in bright colors and moisturizing formula, will have a soft and light, yet vivid finish. They also will come in three shades:

084 Poppy: a fresh orange shade. Symbolizes "the feeling of love."

085 Peony: A baby pink shade. Symbolizes "the language of shyness."

086: Rosebud: A sheer, see-through red. Symbolizes "the hidden sigh of love."

Lipstick Cases: These are limited editions and will come in three different designs. Pick a case that you like, and pop in the lipstick that you want to. I am under the assumption that they are designed to hold the lipsticks mentioned above.

Nail Polishes: The nail polishes will come in five shades. They will be in a quick-dry, high-luster, long-lasting, and evenly-applied formula. Like the other products in the Spring 2014, the shades and names will be inspired by "a secret garden of flowers" as well. The shades will be as follow:

036 Lily: White. Symbolizes "purity, loveliness."

037 Hyacinth: Clear blue. Symbolizes "Love does not change."

038 Petunia: Clear pink. Symbolizes "the heart" and "close by your side."

039 Buttercup: Sunny yellow. Symbolizes "The radiant charm."

040 Carnation: Vermilion red. Symbolizes "pure love."


  1. I've only tried a few products from Paul & Joe, but I LOVE their boudoir chic packaging - VERY cute :o). Xx


    1. Me, too! They make me feel like a retro film star. Haha.

  2. great products :)


  3. What cute packaging. I haven't tried any Paul & Joe products, these looks lovely and I love the face powder, that would look fab on your dressing table!

    Paula at Beauty Lover

    1. I agree! Paul & Joe products are actually very nicely formulated; I haven't heard any complaints from others about them, but they can be difficult for me to find in the States (so far I have only found them in specialized boutiques).


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