10 November, 2013

Shiseido Sheer and Perfect Foundation and Refining Makeup Primer: The Best Products for Oily Skin

I think that I have griped about my oily skin a few times on this blog, but with modern technology, there are products out there to keep the greasiness under the control, thank goodness.

Earlier this past Summer, Shiseido released two brand new products -- the Refining Makeup Primer SPF 21 and the Sheer and Perfect SPF 18 liquid foundation.

I have briefly talked about the aforementioned products in a previous blog entry here, but today I will go more into depth.

1) First, let's start with the primer: this is a primer that really does it all -- prepares your skin for foundation, keeps it matte, gives pores the invisible appearance, and provides broad spectrum sunscreen.

The box describes the product as: "A refining makeup primer that minimizes the appearance of uneven skin tone, conspicuous pores and fine lines for an all-day luminous, natural-looking finish."

This primer really does everything that it promises to, and then some. Also, because it evens out your skin tone, wearing a foundation on it is actually optional.

2) Now, here's my take on the foundation: Shiseido Sheer and Perfect Foundation has a watery texture, just like Chanel's Vitalumiere Aqua. However, Shiseido's foundation is superior to Chanel's, for several reasons:

A) Shiseido's version does not oxidize, while Chanel's can oxidize on some people.

B) While the Sheer and Perfect foundation is indeed sheer, it does provide very good coverage yet your skin still looks like skin; it's just looking more like the best version of itself.

C) This foundation is more than just a foundation; over time it also evens out your skintone, like the primer does.

D) Sheer and Perfect foundation stays matte all day and does not "pool" around your fine lines, the crevices on your face (like around your nose areas, for example).

The box describes it as, "A sheer liquid foundation that evens skin tone and provides a healthy, glowing finish that lasts all day. You will feel its light and incomparably refreshing texture."

What is your skin type, and what foundation and/or primer do you use?

Where to buy:

The products mentioned in this post can be purchased at Nordstrom, which I recommend because shipping is free regardless of the size of your order.

Note: If you don't already have an Ebates.com account, I highly recommend it, as you get a percentage of your money back for every purchase you make online. Click here to sign up if you haven't yet.

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