18 February, 2014

Christian Dior Diorshow Fusion Mono Long Wear Eyeshadow -- 381 Millenium

I'll admit, there was some reservation on my part when I was about to hit "Submit" for a makeup order, one of which was a Dior eyeshadow, just because it was so pricey by my standard. Until then, I had never spent more than $18 on a shadow, and that was already pushing it, but I just had to have this one.

Isn't that just gorgeous?

It's Dior's "Millennium" eye shadow, which I would describe as an olive-taupe-khaki, with very, very fine sparkles that feel soft and are not overwhelming.

The texture is very buttery-soft, and mousse-like, yet this product is a powder. It lasts all day on the eyelids, does not budge, smudge, nor does it move at all. Each eyeshadow comes with a smudge brush, housed in a stainless steel shell with a lid. The smudge brush can be used to apply the product either very intensely, or more sheered out, as pictured below.

I will definitely purchase more in the future, because it is so worth it. What I love most about this eyeshadow is how versatile it is; you can dress it up or down. I've worn it with my nighttime makeup, as well as made it part of my daytime routine.

Where to buy:

The products mentioned in this post can be purchased at Nordstrom, which I recommend because shipping is free regardless of the size of your order.

Note: If you don't already have an Ebates.com account, I highly recommend it, as you get a percentage of your money back for every purchase you make online. Click here to sign up if you haven't yet.

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  1. Such a universal color... would go on most of the dresses.


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