20 February, 2014

Avon Haiku Perfume Review

Cheap Thrills is a weekly feature, in which an economically-priced beauty product is reviewed. Is there a product that you would like to see mentioned here? Let me know!

As a somewhat of a follow-up on yesterday's post on fragrance families, I want to talk to you about a perfume that I have been loving since I was a senior in high school: Avon's Haiku.* It is so, so incredibly beautiful and well-formulated that I have to review it today.

*Bonus fact: A Haiku is a genre of Japanese poetry, in which there are always only three lines, with the first line having a total of five syllables, the second one has a total of seven, and the third line ends with five syllables again. Haikus are typically about nature and its beauty.

Back in high school, I had a friend named April, whose mom started selling Avon during our senior year. April would bring in the catalogs (Avon ladies, this is good sales strategy!) and shared them with us. Now, being high school kids, we didn't have a lot of income to spend on beauty products, but we still wanted to look nice! So, April, another friend named Amy, and I ended up with a lot of Avon products. Between the three of us, we had enough perfumes, powders, and those delicious Juice Gem lipglosses to last us three lifetimes.

One day during lunch, I caught a whiff of a perfume on April, and asked her, "Oooh...what are you wearing? It smells so pretty!"

And you know how the rest of the story went.

Avon's Haiku smells even better today, to me, than it did years ago. I now detect the creamy fig and sandalwood notes, which smooth out the sharper citrus and green tea ones. In fact, I remember that the Haiku that I wore back in high school was a much sharper grapefruit-green tea scent, and it did not have much else going on. Well, that doesn't matter, because the Haiku on the market now smells amazing! Now, I am not claiming that the formula has been changed; I am simply stating that it smells different to me now than it did back in high school.

Haiku opens with fresh, white jasmine petals; this is definitely not a sweet jasmine sambac scent. Within minutes, I can smell the sweet and fresh green tea note. As the minutes wear on, there is a delicious, creamy coconut-y quality which results from the perfect blend of sweet fig and sandalwood. Absolutely beautiful! I like to use mine with the matching body wash, moisturizer, and body powder in areas that tend to get sticky in the Summer, such as my chest and the back of my knees.

The lasting power of this perfume is fairly good on me, lasting at about three hours to my nose, although I have had other people telling me that they could smell it long after I no longer could. I think it's because my nose gets used to it.

Another feature that I like is the bottle; it's frosted with a cap that resembles a pagoda. That is just so charming to me, and reminds me of the days when Avon used house their perfumes in cute and kitschy packaging!

So, check Avon's Haiku out; it's beautiful! :-) There is always a promotion going on, so you'll find a good deal.

What is your favorite beautiful yet affordable perfume? 
What perfume did you wear in high school?
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Where to buy: Avon.com. Support small businesses and buy from your local Avon lady. :o)

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  1. Oh Avon. I remember it being so cool in high school.

    My favorite more affordable perfume is the Vera Wang Princess. It's kind of on the pricier side, but I always find it at discount stores like TJ Maxx for like $35.

    And in high school I always wore the Coco by Chanel perfume. And while it was really nice (and still is), I think it was waaaay too mature for me back then. Oh well.

    Great blog :)


    1. Haha, yeah, I can see how Coco could have been considered mature, but hey -- you like what you like, right? Lol.

  2. I also really like this scent. It's one of my faves from Avon.


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