09 February, 2014

Winter Perfume, Part 1: CJScents Gingerbread Amber

Good perfumes are abundant, and so are bad ones; it is the great ones that are very few and far in between. Today, I want to talk about one of the few best perfumes that I have ever smelled -- CJ Scents' Gingerbread Amber.

Upon the initial spritz, it is a straightforward gingerbread scent. However, within five seconds, the bread-y note calms down quite a bit, and I can smell the sweet, expensive amber note. The amber and ginger notes continue to dance harmoniously together, complementing each other. After about 5-10 minutes, I start to notice a very nice almond note. It's not a simple, bitter almond scent, but more like a smooth marzipan scent. At the very end, the perfume is now a wonderful blend of ginger, amber, a hint of cinnamon, and smooth marzipan so delicious that it makes me want to chew my wrist off whenever I take a sniff. :-)

CJ Scents is a wonderful niche perfumery, and is owned by the very talented perfumer Candice J. Each perfume blend is carefully thought out, and nothing is made until you've placed your order!

Special offer: From now until February 28, 2014, take 20% off of your order with the coupon code HAPPYBDAYCJ. Get your own bottle at CJScents.com.

What perfume are you wearing this Winter?

**This is an unaffiliated post. All products mentioned are paid for by me.

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