15 March, 2014

1940s Pin-Up Lipstick Tutorial

I am starting a new series on this blog called Lips of the Decades, beginning with the 1920s lips look, and ending with the 1980s. This series will be updated every Friday (usually).

When we hear "1940s lipstick," we usually think of lipsticks in various shades of red. However, did you know that Revlon released a violet hued lipstick called "Icy Violet" back in 1946? Not only that, but it also had a small amount of frost in it! 

Since there is no shortage of tutorials online featuring red lipstick, I've decided to use "Icy Violet" for mine. A review for the actual lipstick itself will be posted tomorrow.

The lips trend of the 1940s followed what was featured in pin-up posters: pouty and sexy, yet also playful and innocent. The goal was to showcase youthfulness, yet with a sexy twist.

For this tutorial, I am using Betty Grable's picture as an example. Of course, the goal here is not to get Betty Grable's lips, since we are all unique and beautiful in our own ways, but to draw your lips using a technique popular during the 1940s.

Materials needed:

  • Lip brush
  • Lip balm
  • Lipstick -- I used a 1946 shade from Revlon called "Icy Violet."
Step 1:

Using a lip brush, apply lipstick right on top of your lip line. This means, do not go outside of the lip line, but do not stay inside either. Placing the lipstick (or even lipliner) right on top of your natural lip line will create more of a natural-looking pout. Note: This picture looks a little warmer than the next just because I took the first and the second pictures at different times in the day (hence, different lighting).

Step 2: Fill in.

Step 3: You may stop here or move on to the next step.

See the upside down triangle in between of your upper lip? Fill it in.


Is this a look that you'd be interested in trying? Leave your answer and if you have a blog -- feel free to leave a link, too! 

When you try this look, please leave a link to your picture; I'd love to take a look. :-)

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  1. I love pinup gal makeup. You really nailed the lips ....fab job! Thanks for sharing this tutorial.

    Keisha xo

  2. Wow awesome tutorial ... Will def try it !


    1. Yay! Please post a pic when you do. :-)

  3. Hi Chic, just wanted to let you know that I nominated you the Liebster Award! Check out my post to find out more:


    1. Thank you so much! I will check your blog out. :-)


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