12 March, 2014

Bath & Body Works Coconut Leaves 3-Wick Candle and Oahu Body Lotion Review

After a disappointing experience with BBW's Tokyo Petals candle yesterday, which I've talked about here, I'm very excited about their Coconut Leaves candle, which I exchanged the former for. I also treated myself to a bottle of Oahu body lotion, which I got for free, and it is reviewed in this entry as well.

Coconut Leaves: Although Bath & Body Works describes this candle as having notes of "tangerine, papaya, coconut and vanilla," I don't smell the first two notes at all. When I burn Coconut Leaves, I smell fresh creamy coconut milk, the sweet and green quality of coconut leaves, and a hint of smooth vanilla. It's a fresh yet warm and creamy scent, and when I close my eyes, I can almost feel the island breeze. It really does remind me of my time in Hawaii! The candle also has a wonderful scent throw; while it does take about 30 minutes to scent my bedroom, I do notice it when the scent is there.

Oahu: I would describe this as a sweet citrus-coconut scent. In the bottle and when first applied, Oahu body lotion smells like sweet creamy coconut milk, but the bergamot and bird of paradise notes appear within seconds and that is all that I can smell for the next ten minutes. During this time, it is pretty much a straight citrus-tropical floral with coconut lurking in the background. After about ten minutes, though, the coconut comes back and is more prominent. I love this lotion! Once the scent has settled, it is now a blend of coconut cream, tropical flowers, and sandalwood. As far as product performance goes, I like how moisturizing this lotion is without being sticky or slimy; it has shea butter, jojoba oil, and aloe vera in it.

My verdict: I highly recommend the candle and the lotion. I'd say, light up your Coconut Leaves candle, apply some Oahu body lotion, and welcome the spirit of Aloha as you relax.

Where to purchase: Bath & Body Works

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  1. Sweet Citrus scents are my fave! This sounds like my thing!

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  2. Thanks for review!

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