11 March, 2014

Bath & Body Works Pineapple Mango, London Calling, Tokyo Petals, and American Boardwalk 3-Wick Candles Reviews

Pull those curtains back, let the light in, and light up a beautifully scented candle, because Spring is coming!

Over the weekend, I went on mini haul at Bath & Body Works, and picked up four candles in delicious new scents. They were Pineapple Mango, London Calling, Tokyo Petals, and American Boardwalk.

Pineapple Mango: There is something very spa-like about this scent, and I love it! The candle smells just like the fruits, and none of the perfume-y, soapy quality. It's just so realistic that I can almost "taste" the flavors. Pineapple Mango smells like the perfect blend of juicy, tarty-sweet pineapple and mango, with a hint of vanilla to smooth out the sharpness. As far as scent throw goes, this is very good; my entire bedroom was beautifully fragranced within minutes after having lit this candle.

London Calling: I've never been to London, although plan to visit within the next five years (hopefully sooner than that). The name of this candle makes me think of the song by The Clash, and now it is playing on a loop inside my head. London Calling is a beautiful scent blend of fragrant tea and lemon. The lemon note here is not harsh or sharp at all, just pleasant. This candle smells like a very expensive Earl Grey. Scent throw is also good; it scents a room very nicely. Definitely the candle to burn during tea time, or any time you want to relax, perhaps curled up with a good book.

Tokyo Petals: I had such mixed feelings for this candle. Unlit, this candle is so nicely fragranced, with a beautiful blend of warm rice sake and delicate cherry blossom petals. The scent is perfect in every sense of the word. Sadly, when lit, I could not smell anything, even after having burned it for three hours in a small room. With such a poor scent throw, I could not justify keeping the candle, so I returned it for a Coconut Leaves (more on this tomorrow).

American Boardwalk: Festive yet full of nostalgia, American Boardwalk stirs such strong emotions inside of me. The scent of this candle makes me feel happy yet sad, longing for days gone by; it is a blend of caramel popcorn without the cheap burnt note, and vanilla ice-cream. There is also a unique scent in this candle as well that I can't explain; it smells warm and sunny, which reminds me of the warm Summer days that I spent at the fair while growing up, and our 4th of July celebrations. American Boardwalk perfectly invokes the memories of an American summer.

How do you scent the rooms in your house? Do you use candles, tarts, or something else? Have you tried Bath & Body Works' new candles yet?

Leave your answers and if you have a blog -- leave a link, too!

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