16 March, 2014

Revlon Icy Violet Lipstick Review

Although it looks quite cool in the tube, Revlon's "Icy Violet" lipstick is actually very neutral once applied, and suitable on many skin tones.

Originally released back in 1946, discontinued a few years ago, and now back for a limited time, this lipstick is a mid-toned plum, semi-sheer/semi-opaque, with a medium amount of shimmer. Like all other lipsticks in the Super Lustrous line, "Icy Violet" is also unscented and unflavored. 

I was surprised to learn that this was released in 1946, since lipsticks from that time tended to come in various shades of red and pink, and almost always matte. I'm assuming that this was quite a unique lipstick back in those days!

"Icy Violet" was used as part of my tutorial for the 1940s Pin-Up Lips yesterday, as part of the new Lips of the Decades series.

It is semi-sheer/semi-opaque, and very easy to make more opaque through layering. The lasting power is average at about two to three hours. "Icy Violet" is soft and creamy, but doesn't feel as moisturizing as the other lipsticks in the Super Lustrous line; I find that it applies better with a lip balm underneath.

Have you tried "Icy Violet," or any others in the new Revlon limited re-releases collection? Would you? 

Leave your answers below, and if you have a blog -- post a link, too! :-)

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Where to purchase: Anywhere Revlon cosmetics are sold.

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  1. That's such a gorgeous colour! You'd think it'd be super pigmented, but it looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing, I'm gonna have to go get it now :)

    Sayurae x


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