06 March, 2014

Thrifty Thursday: L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Caresse Wet Shine Stain Lilac Ever After Review

Cheap Thrills is a weekly feature, in which an economically-priced beauty product is reviewed. Is there a product that you would like to see mentioned here? Let me know!

L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Caresse Wet Shine Stain in "Lilac Ever After" is one of the most interesting products that I have tried in a long time. It is a lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm, and a stain, all rolled into one.

"Lilac Ever After" is a neutral pink-mauve, your-lips-but-better shade with a hint of very tiny gold micro sparkles. The sparkles can't really be seen, but they are definitely there to give your lips more dimension, more of a pouty appearance.

What I love most about this product is how creamy it feels. Really! There is absolutely no stickiness here. I think that the Colour Riche Wet Shine Stain a success with me is the fact that it is very balanced, for the lack of a better description. It is not completely opaque like a lipstick, nor is it oily-glossy like a lipgloss either. Imagine a semi-glossy, sheer liquid lipstick with a creamy texture, a hint of sparkles, all wrapped up in a very creamy formula. 

I bought this on a whim at Target for approximately $6, and I can definitely say that I will purchase more in the future.

Have you tried any of L'Oreal Wet Shine Stains? How did you like it? Leave your answer and if you have a blog -- leave the address, too!

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Where to buy: Anywhere L'Oreal is sold at. I bought mine at Target.

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  1. I love the fact that these aren't sticky, that's the only reason I usually stay away from lipglosses - I think after this I'll try them. That colour is beautiful too!

    1. I agree -- it's a very wearable shade. :-)

  2. I don't normally go for sparkly makeup, but this one is really pretty. I really love the color. I also like that they aren't sticky. I'll have to give these a try.

  3. I've never really been a fan of these. I bought a few when they first came out and I've used them each about 2 times and now they just sit in my makeup junk case. The non-sticky is nice, but I just didn't feel like they had very much staying power or that they helped with moisture after they started to dry. I'm glad to see you liked it though.

    1. Awww, I'm sorry that they didn't work out for you!


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