27 April, 2014

Ipsy April 2014 Review

Don't forget that my international beauty giveaway is going on right now, as part of my birthday celebration!

Yes, this is a bit late, but I'm just happy that I even get to sit down to blog about this at all. :-)

So, my April 2014 Ipsy bag arrived, and below is a quick review on what I got. An Ipsy bag is $10 per month with free shipping for US addresses, plus sales tax where applicable (I ended up spending a total of $10.80, since sales tax here is 8%).

Outside of the US, it costs a few dollars more (not much), which is still a very valuable deal! If you are interested, click here to find out more or to sign up. When you sign up via my link, I get a few points that I can save toward a prize, and you can do the same, too! :-)

The swatches of the products are after the review. :-)

1) As always, a very nice and sturdy makeup bag. The theme for this month is music, so the graphic on the front is a record on a turntable.

2) City Color Shadow and Highlight Mousse in "White Gold": This is a soft, warm white eyeshadow. As beautiful as it is to look at, that is about all that it's good for. It creases in less than one minute of application, even when it's a very sheer wash, applied over a good eyeshadow primer. I used Urban Decay's Primer Potion, and even that could not help this product. It is extremely oily as well. $3.99. Grade: F (no redeeming qualities).

3) Benefit Lollitint deluxe-sized sample: Oh, I like this! The tint is a soft and sheer pinkish mauve shade. It lasts for hours after application, and the color is very soft and feminine. I find that it would look best on someone whose lips aren't too pigmented. $5.70 (the full-sized version is $30). Grade: A (I have no complaints).

4) Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm in "Acid Pink": There is nothing lip balm-like about this product at all. It is dry and powdery, which make it quite bizarre. Also, it comes in an ugly hot pink color that makes me look like I have jaundice.

Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm is basically pressed pure pigment with just enough emollient ingredients to keep it pressed. Since it claims to be a lip balm, I judge it by that standard -- as a lip balm, this product is an epic fail. It is even more pigmented than a lipstick, which would have been fine if the texture itself wasn't so powdery. Ugh. I like that it has a built-in brush, though, so I plan to scoop out the product, and fill the container with a potted lip balm that I enjoy. $19. Grade: D- (only because it has a nice container and brush).

4) Kiss Looks So Natural Eyelashes: I haven't used these yet, but they do look natural and feel very soft. The lashes taper off at the end to a fine point, instead of being blunt like typical false lashes; these qualities are what make them look so natural. $6. Grade: N/A (I haven't used it yet).

5) Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Glide-On Eye Pencil in "Black Velvet," travel size: I would say that the travel size is roughly 3/4 the size of a full-sized pencil. Urban Decay claims that their Velvet Glide-On Eye Pencil is just as pigmented as the ones from their classic 24/7 line, with a matte, velvet-y finish. In my opinion, I think that the Velvet Glide-On Eye Pencil is much more pigmented than the ones from their regular 24/7 line, which is a plus! Also, it is very matte and velvety, which I find to be quite beautiful. The eyeliner lasts for roughly six hours before it starts fading. $15. Grade: A.

I spent: $10.80

I got: $49.69 worth of beauty products.

Is it worth it? Yes. Absolutely. While a couple products were disappointing, the rest were very nice.

Are you an Ipsy subscriber? Which beauty boxes are you subscribed to, if any? 

If you have a blog, feel free to leave a link with your answers! :-)


  1. Love your blog - I've recommended you for a Liebster award, check out my post on it to see what that means!

  2. Benefit Lollitint is gorgeous colour.. wow ! Sucks about the dissapointing products though.


    1. I agree: it's very pretty!
      Thank goodness at least the horrible products come in nice containers that I can reuse for other purposes. Lol.

  3. What a bargain, I love the city colour products you got!

    1. It is very pretty to look at, I agree; I just wish that I could use it! :0)

  4. I just love the white gold eyeshadow it's so pigmented and pretty :') xxx

    Real Techniques Core Collection Giveaway

  5. Those are really pretty colors. The acid pink is my favorite color out of all of them. :)


  6. i don't understand why they keep sending cailyn products. i've received about 4, and they all are no bueno!


  7. The white gold eyeshadow is grogeous and looks to be so pigmented...its a shame about the creasing. I love the look of the Benefit lollitint...I so need to try this.

    Lovely bunch of goodies!

    Keisha xo

  8. i really cant wait to try the UD velvet liners. i'm a fan of their liners in general and can't live without Demolition.
    A Beautiful Zen


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