21 May, 2014

Flower Cosmetics Baby Buttercup Lipstick and Secret Garden Eyeshadows Quad Reviews

Available only at Wal-Mart, Drew Barrymore's Flower cosmetics are proudly made in the USA, and 100% cruelty-free. No money is spent on advertisement at all, because Drew wants to put that money into creating high-quality makeup and beautiful packaging, while keeping the costs low so that the products would be available to all women, regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds. She believes that we all deserve to wear high-quality makeup, and having them sold at Wal-Mart means that no matter where consumers live in North America, they can find Flower products easily.

First, I want to review the "Baby Buttercup" lipstick, and you can see the swatch of it at the very end of this post. :-)

Flower "Baby Buttercup" lipstick is a creamy, moisturizing semi-matte lipstick with a satin-like sheen. The shade itself is a light, neutral peach-pink. Each lipstick is formulated with emollient oils, and has pure, intense color payoff.

The packaging is high-quality plastic, no different from those found at department stores, with rose gold accent. There is something very retro, 1960s flower child about the presentation of the entire makeup line, but of course, no such packaging design really existed back then. This is more like 1960s re-imagined.

Next up is the "Secret Garden" eyeshadows quad, which comes in four absolutely beautiful Earth tones. Despite the sparkles that you see in the compact, they are kept at the minimum once on the skin, and the finish is more satin-y. This is definitely my favorite quad so far, because there is something so soft about the appearance. For some reason, there is something very Victorian about this quad to me. Of course, ladies of the Victorian Era did not wear such shades, but softly blended and really sheered out on the skin, the result could take on a very delicate Victorian appearance.

The four shades in the Flower "Secret Garden" quad are all complementary, although I think that these look best on me when I wear only two shades at a time. Here are the shade descriptions, along with the swatches:

Shade 1: This is a shade that I'd wear as a base. It's a neutral pinked beige shade.

Shade 2: More of a plum-taupe. Very unique!

Shade 3: A minty-sage green that is quickly becoming my favorite. It is gorgeous when paired with Shade 2.

Shade 4: This is a blackish-teal shade. It is great on its own, or as a liner. I like to smudge it around my eyes for a soft-focused, smokey look.

Each eyeshadows quad also appears like a flower (if you look closely, you'd see that each 1/4 is made to look like a petal!) and has a secured, magnetic closure.

Where to buy: Your local Wal-Mart store. The lipsticks are $5-$6.95 each, while the eyeshadow quads are $8 - $9.

Have you tried Flower cosmetics? Feel free to leave a link with your answer! :-)


  1. I haven't had the chance to try this makeup line as yet but I love the look of both of these items and I also love the packaging! The lipstick shade is gorgeous..I really like the peachy pinkness, and it looks as if it would leave your lips with a good amount of moisture. I'm also loving the colour combo in this quad. I think my fav would be the plummy shade.

    Nice review Tammy.

    Keisha xo

    1. Oh, the lipstick is definitely very moisturizing! Thanks for stopping by. <3

  2. I love the colors. :)


    1. I do, too.
      Thanks for stopping by, Emily! :-)

  3. Lovely! That eyeshadow palette is gorgeous. I haven't tried Flower yet, definitely need to pick it up soon. I've been hearing great things about it!

    May from La Vie en May

  4. Loved the colors. Amazing quad too. Wonderful review dear :)

  5. Soooo freaking pretty! I totally want to get make up from flower cosmetics, the quads and the lipsticks and blushes look amazing!

    1. I hope that you'll give the line a chance! I have been so pleased with everything. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Wow! I Didnt know Drew had a Makeup Line! I really want to try this
    Following you now, Do follow back to return the love and support!
    Red Alice

  7. Nice post. I love the eyeshadow palette. :)
    I haven't tried the Flower Cosmetics yet, but I'd love to try it someday.

    x, shekinahjoy.com
    Bloglovin | Facebook

  8. Oh wow I love the packaging of both the quad and lipstick. How gorgeous are those shadow shades? So pretty and different to the usual neutral shadows I'd go for xxx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. The packaging was what pulled me in, too. :-)

  9. Lovely eyeshadow colors!

    Sarah x

  10. The eyeshadow looks gorgeous ... WOW !!!


  11. Love the color of the Lipstick........ very nice and appealing

    1. I like it, too. Thanks for stopping by! :-)


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