27 June, 2014

Britney Spears Fantasy Perfume: Original Vs Reformulated Versions

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When Britney Spears' Fantasy perfume was released back in 2005, I was over the moon in love with it. It was sexy with its notes of jasmine and white chocolate, yet sophisticated with orris root and woods. Most of all, it was playful with its creamy, scrumptious note of cupcake.

To me, at the time, Fantasy was such a provocative yet sophisticated gourmand. Its cupcake note was out of this world delicious, yet also unique at the same time. It was not a generic cupcake note that could be found in, say, a candle. No, this was a note that was meant to attract and create a sense of hunger.

Yet, when I went to a perfume counter recently to smell Britney's Fantasy perfume, it was markedly different.

Why? What happened? 

The original formula for Fantasy perfume came in a slightly different bottle. Look at the necks for both. The original neck had Swarovski crystals around it, while the current one version does not. That's the first step to identifying which version you are smelling. 

What happened was: the glue that was used to hold the Swarovski crystals on the neck of the original bottle could not withstand heat very well. Thus, many consumers complained that the crystals on their bottles simply fell or melted off when the weather was warm. Why did the crystals on the actual bottle adhere to it just fine, but could not remain on the neck? This was because of the difference in materials used. The bottle is made of glass, so the type of glue used could stay on it better than it did on the neck, which I can only guess is made out of "mystery metal" (a term I use to describe metallic materials of unknown origins).

In 2009, the team that was in charge of Britney Spears' perfume line decided to improve the situation by removing the crystals from neck. However, they also changed the formula around this time.

What are the differences in the formulas?

First, let's be clear that the formula listed in the advertisements, then and now, is still the same, which I feel is very misleading. However, it's the amount of each individual ingredient that has changed.

Top notes: Red Lychee; Golden Quince; Kiwi; Cupcake Accord
Middle notes: Jasmine Petals; White Chocolate; Orchid
Base notes: Musk; Orris Root; Sensual Woods

How are the two versions different from one another?

In the original version of Britney Spears' Fantasy, the cupcake note was more prominent. It was creamy, lush, and delicious. In fact, the cupcake note was what made the perfume so unique. 

Yet, in the current formula, the cupcake note is nearly non-existent, although it is still there. I can still smell it, but not as the bold, full-bodied note that it once was. Instead, the kiwi note is more prominent, making this perfume smell more tart-y, instead of sweet; more fruity and less gourmand. Of course, this could be because I am used to how the original smelled; perhaps to someone who has not smelled the original Fantasy, the cupcake note in the newer version is still noticeable to them.

So, which version is better?

That's up to you to decide, of course! :-) However, I would say that I prefer the original formula, simply because it was the one that I fell in love with.

Can the original formula be found?

Yes, the original formula can still be found at perfume discounters and on Ebay, but you will need to check the neck of the bottle to be sure. As far as freshness is concerned, I have smelled older bottles of Fantasy, and they were still fresh, due to the fact that most of the ingredients used are synthetics, so they don't really change with age.

Or, if you don't mind spending a bit more money, you may purchase a bottle of Britney Spears Fantasy: Stage Edition perfume, which is a re-release of the 2005 formula.

What else smells like it?

Two perfumes that smell a lot like Britney Spears Fantasy are Belara Midnight by Mary Kay, and Unplugged For Her by Avon:

**Non-affiliated post. I did not get paid to write this.

Where to purchase:

Britney Spears fragrances can be purchased at Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, Macy's, and other mass retailer stores.

Support small businesses by purchasing your goods from an Avon or Mary Kay representatives! If you do not already have an Avon or Mary Kay lady, I'd like to recommend mine: Diane Lionetta and Lisa Monoson for Avon, and Katie Cook for Mary Kay. Any of these ladies would be happy to assist shoppers in all 50 states.

What types of perfumes do you like?
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  1. You make me want to smell the original formula! I'll see if I can find it at the mall. We have this random little perfume shop, and I'm sure they probably carry it still.

    1. I hope that you will! It's delicious. :-)

  2. I didn't even know that there are two different versions and that the newer one smells differently. That is good to know as I used the Original Fantasy a while ago and loved it and was thinking about repurchasing and now I have to see if I can still find the original one.


    1. Someone told me that the batch numbers on the box would indicate when the perfume was made, but I have not seen those in person, so I don't know if they state the year/month or what. Good luck on your search. :o)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I had no idea that they had reformulated the scent - I used to love Fantasy when I was at school, although it was quite strong. I will have to try the newer formula xx

    1. You might like the newer formula better; it does smell a bit lighter! :o)

  4. I didn't know this happened! I love the BS perfumes! :)

  5. Really interesting post!


    1. Awww, thank you for your kind words. :o)

  6. this is so interesting, I had no idea there was an original version! I know what you mean, I definitely don't notice a specific 'cupcake' accord when I smell it I think it just contributes to the overall sweetness. Hopefully I can test the original at some point would love to see how they compare :) x

    1. I hope you'll test it out! You'll definitely notice the cupcake scent. :o)

  7. The bottle looks so cute!


  8. Don't know the smell but the bottle looks so cute!

    Sarah x

    1. I think it's cute, too. It reminds me of a bubble. :o)

  9. I have the blue version of the Britney fragrance (unsure about the name) and I love the cute bottle design. It smells nice, although I'd like to compare it to this newer formula! x

    Kathryn | effievanity

    1. Oh, I hope you will! I haven't smelled the blue version yet.

  10. I've been wearing Fantasy for years and I so prefer the original as the vanilla cupcake smell was so much more intense. I love the scent vanilla ,cakey scents and that's what attracted me to Fantasy in the first place. I now wear more of her Midnight Fantasy...I hope they don't change the formula on it. I hadn't realized there was a Fantasy Stage Edition, I must go and check it out.

    Thanks for sharing Tammy.

    Keisha xo

    1. I like things that smell like dessert, too! Lol. The "Stage Edition" is still in production, I think, but should be released soon.

  11. I agree that the original version was far better!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

    1. Totally. It smelled so much more unique. Thanks for stopping by! :o)

  12. Didn't know that they had reformulated it! It makes me want to hunt out my old bottle and start wearing it again! It still is one of my favourite scents but recently I've fallen in love with Prada Candy, a lovely feminine sweet fragrance.

    Love your blog, just followed you on bloglovin. :)

    Foreverscarlet.com - UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Oh, thank you so much for your compliment! :o)

      Have you smelled Prada Candy L'Eau? It's very nice, too.

  13. It's always a dissapointment when they change a formula of a product you loved.. Especially if the new one is nothing like the old one.


  14. Great review!

  15. hi :)
    can you pleaseee tell me if you found that the "stage" is the same as the pre re-formulated fantasy was???

  16. Spotted one on Letgo Canada:


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