18 June, 2014

Dream Eyes Contact Lenses from SpookyEyes.com: Review

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I've been wearing contacts for nearly ten years now, but usually stick with the clear ones, so when Spooky Eyes sent me a pair of "Feather Violet" contacts by Dream Eyes, I was super excited! By the way, Spooky Eyes ships free worldwide! :-)

Intriguing doll eyes effect:

The contacts are non-prescription, and come as a pair. They are stored in packets with a sterile saline solution, just like standard contacts.

I had always shied away from colored contacts, just because they weren't very comfortable, but these ones from Dream Eyes are superb! They are super thin and feel more like gel, rather than plastic, if that makes any sense. This means that they feel extremely comfortable on. Of course, I am not surprised, since they are breathable with a very high water content! I had never worn a pair of colored contacts this comfortable before.

Another great thing is that, once opened and if they are properly taken care of, your Dream Eyes contacts are good for 12 months!

I'm very pleased with the shade I was sent as well. It is dark, yet has a glowing effect, and I could not stop staring into the mirror while I had the lenses in.

These are so fun, and not just for Halloween or cosplay! With so many shades and effects, from very natural to fantastical, you can easily find a pair to wear in your daily life from Spooky Eyes. :-)

Cost: $27.95US/£19.59/€20.47

Country of manufacturer: South Korea

FDA approved: YES! :-)

Where to purchase: Spooky Eyes. Remember, they ship for free worldwide! This is the best offer on the Internet that I've seen.

**This product was sent to me, at no cost, for a review.

Do you wear colored contact lenses? 
Would you give Dream Eyes contacts a try?
If you have a blog, feel free to leave a link with your answers! :-)


  1. These look fab! They really seem to add a little drama to your eyes without looking over the top.
    Thanks for sharing Tammy!

    Keisha xo

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Keisha! I really like these, too; I just wish they were prescription lenses because I'm as blind as a bat. :-P

  2. Have to say they still look natural ... Really gorgeous effect on you.


  3. Replies
    1. They really do feel comfortable. I'm not sure if I would wear colored contacts regularly, lol, but if I ever do, I'd definitely stick with Dream Eyes. :-)

  4. They look very pretty and I love the effect it gave to your eyes.



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