11 June, 2014

Free Beauty and Makeup Giveaway Contest!

When I say that I appreciate my blog readers, I really mean it! :-) I had so much fun with the first giveaway that I decided to host another one, except that this time, I am going to have three winners, so more people would have a chance to win something. Isn't that great?

So, here is how it's going to work: 
  • Prize 1 is for international readers from outside of the United States only. 
  • Prizes 2 and 3 are for US readers only. There will be 2 winners; 1 for each prize.
The reason for this is to make sure that readers everywhere have a chance to win something. For the international prize package, I specifically chose brands that are harder to find outside of the US, to keep things more exciting. :-)

**Note: This is a non-affiliated post. Prize 1 is paid for by me. Prizes 2 and 3 are from my Mary Kay lady, Katie Cook. Neither of us is paid, or compensated in any way, for hosting this giveaway. This event is purely from the our hearts.

How to play: Follow the instruction at the end of this post!

Prize 1:

  • Bath & Body Works Endless Weekend body wash.
  • Bath & Body Works Endless Weekend body lotion.
  • Pacifica Natural Beauty eyeshadow duo.
  • Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer -- Deluxe sized sample.

Prize 2:
  • Mary Kay mesh makeup bag, filled with various samples.
  • Mary Kay Violet Love Lip Crayon -- full sized.
  • Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover -- travel sized.
  • Mary Kay Timewise Microdermabrasion Step 1 -- travel sized.
  • Mary Kay Timewise Microdermabrasion Step 2 -- travel sized.
  • Mary Kay Indulge Soothing Eye Gel -- travel sized.

Prize 3:
  • Mary Kay mesh makeup bag filled with various samples.
  • Mary Kay Green Tea Eye Crayon -- full sized.
  • Mary Kay Timewise Body -- Hand and Decollete Cream Sunscreen SPF 15 -- travel sized.
  • Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara -- travel sized.
  • Mary Kay lipliners -- 3 travel sized.

Please don't follow just to enter, and then unfollow afterward. That's mean. :-P

a Rafflecopter giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. awesome giveaway :) I have to admit i am a beauty fanatic ;)

  2. Awesome!!! I fall under the international category and I so want the Too Faced Bronzer...I love the chocolaty scent!

    What a fab idea to do both US and International.

    Keisha xo

  3. Hey Doll I love love this I am a child of God and a girl who loves playing in makeup!!!!! Thanks i am crossing my fingers I win I need all of these Stat in my life. xoxo Cyndi www.cdelbeauty.blogspot.com

  4. Hope to win!
    Check out my blog at http://joancabras.wordpress.com/

  5. Hi ! I am a medicine student in my fifth year, i am a beauty and makeup lover and i Love Barcelona !

  6. I am a green tea fan =)

  7. I love cats and i live in Brazil

  8. hi ! :)
    my name is Adi and i just love Bath & Body Works so much!!
    hope to win :)

  9. What a amazing prizes! Something about me is that I graduated university in Criminology and Psychology :) xx

  10. Thanks for the lovely giveaway dear! xoxo from Brazil!

  11. I'm a huge beauty junkie! This is an awesome giveaway. I hope I win!!

  12. i have a beauty blog as well!!!



  13. I think it's great that there's a prize for both US residents and international readers :-D

  14. Hie !!
    I have started with my own blogging. Please do check it out !!!

  15. Entered the international one.. Holding thumbs ...


  16. Hi iam all the way from South Africa :) and i love beauty products

  17. I love how the endless weekend smells! Great prizes!


  18. Great giveaway! I'm slightly obsessed with Bath and Body Works products--their scents are amazing.


  19. Hey Im Deb from the US. I love what you picked. I love that shade of MK eye crayon.

  20. I am Dagmara from Poland and unfortunately I do not have a blog. I love cosmetics, especially those from Bath and Body Works!


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