28 August, 2014

Exuviance Illumination Duo Review

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I am so excited to talk to you about the Exuviance Illumination Duo today! This set is one of the latest releases in the skincare market right now, and it definitely does live up to its promises.

The Exuviance Illumination Duo set comes with one bottle of Evening Restorative Complex, and one bottle of Vitamin C+ Antiaging Booster. Here's what Exuviance promises the duo will do for you:
  • The Evening Restorative Complex is clinically proven to improve overall skin texture, tone, and appearance.
  • 90% of users saw smoother skin after four weeks of using the Evening Restorative Complex.
  • Vitamin C+ Antiaging Booster amps up the effects of the Evening Restorative Complex, helping to fade the look of dark spots while improving firmness and smoothing wrinkles.

How the Evening Restorative Complex works:
  • The powerful Polyhydroxy Acid (PHA) Gluconolactone in Evening Restorative Complex decreases lines and wrinkles, evens skin tone, and improves roughness and texture. 
  • Lactobionic Acid -- a powerful antioxidant -- stops wrinkles from forming, plumps and firms the skin, and enhances clarity. 
  • This bionic blend of PHAs, along with botanicals and vitamins A, C, and E, delivers full-strength anti-aging benefits without drying and irritation, even the most sensitive skin types.
How the Vitamin C+ Antiaging Booster works:
  • The 100% pure active formulation of Vitamin C+ Antiaging Booster contains Vitamin C, an essential co-factor in collagen synthesis, known for being able to strengthen your skin, improve firmness and wrinkles
  • The scientists at Exuviance also added their patented super-antioxidant, called Aceta-C, to enhance the natural antiaging effects of Vitamin C, making it even better at evening out your skin tone and protecting your skin, which prevents future discoloration of your skin -- a side effect of aging.

How to use Exuviance Illumating Duo:

This skincare duo is extremely easy to use! Here's what I do each night before bed, as part of my nighttime skincare routine:
  • Pump a small amount of the Evening Restorative Complex into my palm.
  • Add in 1/2 scoop of the Vitamin C Antiaging Booster. Do not exceed 1/2 of a scoop per use!
  • Mix evenly.
  • Apply to skin and neck.

My Results:

While testing this product out, I didn't really have deep wrinkles, but the fine lines were improved, and I noticed that my pores became much smaller, my old acne scars had faded away, and the skin of my neck felt much firmer (the quickest way to tell a woman's age is by looking at her neck!).

Clinical results, after 4 weeks of daily use:
  • 82% of users experienced increased skin elasticity.
  • 90% saw softer, more velvety skin.
  • 82% saw improvement in fine lines.
Cost: The two-piece duo kit costs $77. If you buy them separately, your total would be $120. So, this is actually a saving of $43!

Where to buy:

**The Exuviance Illumination Duo was sent to me, free of charge, to be reviewed. The opinion expressed here is my own.


  1. Never heard of this brand before, but I might just need to check it out! I too have some acne scars from my younger years and anything that aides in fading them is a must for me! Thanks for the info!

    x's - Cassie

  2. Seems a new brand. I would love to try it. Nice review dear :-)



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