01 October, 2014

Camille Beckman Tuscan Honey Review

I first heard of Camille Beckman body care products while Sean and I were honeymooning on Hawaii. At the time, there was a lifestyle blogger that I followed, and one day came across an entry about her love for Camille Beckman hand creams. She said that they were the best hand creams she had ever used, which made me really curious! Of course, I made Sean drive me all over Honolulu so that I could get my hand on a few tubes. :o)

I ended up purchasing several items in the Jade Dragonfly scent, and I loved it so much that I never bothered to try any other ones. Seriously, I'm a creature of habit; once I've found something that works for me, I tend to stick with it!

Recently, I received the Overnight Travel Gift Set in the Tuscan Honey scent to try, and I seriously fell in love! The products I will review today are the shampoo, shower gel, body cream, body butter, hand cream.

Top Notes: 
Honey Comb
Heart Notes: 
Brown Sugar Fig
Base Notes: 
Vanilla Absolute

Despite the notes listed above, the scent is a luscious blend of honey and rich vanilla bean on my skin (it may smell different on others), and I love it! I am usually very picky about honey-scented things because the honey scent can smell a bit like urine if it's not blended properly (I'm looking at you, Serge Lutens!). However, Camille Beckman's Tuscan Honey scent is amazing! It smells sumptuous, full-bodied, and so creamy that I can almost taste it.

1. Professional Revitalizing Shampoo -- Tuscan Honey: this cleans my hair very well without drying it out. It also leaves a soft hint of honey perfume in my hair. Of course, a hair conditioner is still recommended to keep your hair super soft. :o)

2. Hand & Shower Cleansing Gel -- Tuscan Honey: the cleansing gel has so many different botanical extracts added to keep your skin from drying out. I like to use this to wash my hands because it leaves them smelling so nice. My husband really likes this scent, too; it smells pleasing to both men and women. Also, I like that the cleanser rinses off easily and quickly.

3. Silky Body Cream -- Tuscan Honey: this body cream is so rich! It feels as rich as "body butters" from other companies! The cream spreads evenly and provides long-term moisture without greasiness. The scent here is long-lasting, too, and can easily double as a gentle perfume.

4. Body Butter -- Tuscan Honey: Oh, my gosh! Just when I thought that the body cream was the most moisturizing product I had ever tried, I was blown away by the body butter. It is extremely thick, and ultra-moisturizing. I love to use this on my elbows and knees! Lol. I really have no complaints, friends. If you want to get only one thing from Camille Beckman, I would say get the body butter. 

5. Glycerin Hand Therapy -- Tuscan Honey: The main product that Camille Beckman is known for is the Glycerin Hand Therapy, which comes in so many different scents. What's special about this product is that not only does it moisturize your hands, but it also provides long-term results if you use it correctly. First, wash your hands with a gentle cleanser, and then pat dry (don't wipe them!). Your hands should still be moist, and immediately apply the Glycerin Hand Therapy. The glycerin in this hand cream will lock in moisture, making your skin softer and softer over time.

Each jar of the Glycerin Hand Therapy is adorned with a rosebud, which is hand tied by local women as a way for them to make secondary income from home. Isn't that great?

About Camille Beckman: Camille Beckman is a proud American company. The products are made with utmost care, and held to the highest standards. Give them a try; you'll be very happy you did! To know more about the company, click HERE.

Look at how pretty the headquarter is! :o)

Where to buy:

For the United States and Canada: Use the online store locator.

For locations outside of the U.S. and Canada: Send roshan@camillebeckman.com an e-mail, and you'll get the help you need!

**The products mentioned here were sent to me, at no cost, to be reviewed. All of the opinions here are my own.


  1. They look super cute!!! The packaging is really nice :)


    1. Yeah, the packaging looks so nostalgic and dreamy, lol.

  2. These products look stunning!! Wish we had them in South Africa


  3. These products sound amazing. I would love to try the body butter. It sounds like the perfect product for the winter months.

    1. They really are excellent products. I hope that you'll be able to find them easily!

  4. These sound so luxurious and divine. I love the scent of vanilla! Thanks for the link..I will def check these out.

    Keisha x

    1. I hope you will! Hopefully, your area carries Camille Beckman. I don't know why they don't branch out more; if only more people know about CB...

  5. This sounds lovely!! I love anything with Honey in it and would have loved to try these if they are available in the UK xx


  6. Ooooh this all sounds so gorgeous!!!!!! Love the look and sound of it! :)

    Layla xx


    1. Thanks, Layla! I hope that you'll check it out. I see that you're in the UK, and found a place that carries the line: http://www.camillebeckman.co.uk/

  7. Wow. These look super fun and adorable. I must buy them soon.

    1. I hope that you'll try them!
      I know that you like products without chemicals, and I believe that Camille Beckman has removed phthalates and parabens from their products a few years ago.


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