24 October, 2014

How to Choose the Right Glasses for Your Face Shape

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I detest buying glasses and sunglasses, I really do! My cheeks are slightly puffy, and my face is a bit wide, so a lot of glasses really dig into my face. Trying on sunglasses at the store can be a drag, too, because after about ten pairs that didn't work out, I am bored and ready to move on.

This is why I'm glad that Warby Parker exists! All you'd have to do is pick out five pairs that you like (follow my guide for choosing sunglasses for your face shape below), Warby Parker will ship them to you for free, you'll have five days to try these glasses on and ask your friends what they think, keep the pair(s) that you like, and ship the rest back. Did you know that return shipping is also free?

Also, for each pair of glasses that you purchase from Warby Parker, one pair is donated to someone in need. Not only that, but Warby Parker will also donate to organizations that train men and women in struggling countries to give basic eye exams, and sell glasses to their communities at affordable prices.

To date, Warby Parker has distributed 1,000,000 pairs of glasses. Did you know that, currently, 703 million people are living without access to eyewear? Read more about Warby Parker's mission HERE

Seriously, how many companies provide that kind of service?

Onward to the guide! The guide below features different face shapes, along with many designs from Warby Parker's latest collection.

What is your face shape?

1) If your face is round: Your face has a soft contour, and the height & width are roughly equivalent.

Round faces look best with rectangular frames. I would know, because this is my face shape. :o)

2) If your face is oval: An oval shaped face means that you can wear pretty much any frame shapes you want! Your face is balanced, with clear distinctions between vertical and horizontal; clearly defined chin that isn't too sharp, too wide, or too short. A perfectly balanced shape.

Since you can wear nearly whatever shapes you want, I'll share with you a couple of my favorites!

Goodney in Rhubarb:

 3. If your face shape is square: you have a strong jawline and bold features that will catch other people's attention! Your distinctive look makes it easy for you to wear many frame shapes, although sunglasses frames with rounded curves are the best for balancing out your more angular face shape.

Marple in Heirloom Gold:

McKee in Whiskey Tortoise:

4) If your face is heart shaped: this means that you have a broader brow and narrower chin. For heart-shaped faces, the best glasses frames are light-colored ones with thin temples, and exaggerated bottoms to direct more balance to the bottom half of your face.

Sinclair in Burgundy Fade:

Griffin in Blonde Tortoise:

While you're checking out the site, I'm going to browse and get a pair of sunglasses of my own! ;o)

How has your week been? Do you have any weekend plans? If you have a blog, feel free to leave a link with your comment; I would love to visit!


  1. What a useful article!

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  2. Great article! Have a great weekend!

    1. Aw, thank you. I hope your weekend was a great one, too!

  3. I also have a round face and puffy/ wide cheeks- I think have a giant head too as I need to buy things like sunglasses really oversized just for them to look acceptable on me haha. I'll definitely bear this in mind for future sunglasses purchases, I'd have never thought to try rectangle frames! x

    1. I suspect that I have a big head, too, because glasses always feel so tight on. Lol.

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    1. Thank you, Coco! I like that design, too. :o)

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  9. That was really helpful. I find it very difficult to find a pair of glasses. I will definitely keep your tips in mind the next time I go shopping.

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  11. great suggestions for each face type! I could really imagine each model wearing your suggestion~ great post :)

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    1. Aw, thanks. :o) I can see them wearing those frames, too. Lol.

  12. Excellent advice! I always think it's challenging to find the right shape and size of frames.
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  15. I love their glasses,I have three pairs! xx

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