07 October, 2014

Review of My One Direction Concert / Miami Adventure! Part 1

Note: I had to split this post into several parts because Blogger is having trouble loading all of the pictures in one post. I'm not sure why!

Hello, all!
I am finally back in California. Yes, I know that I have so many comments and e-mails to respond to, which will take me an entire day to do!

Three weeks ago, I was contacted by Make-up by One Direction and was informed that I had won a trip to see One Direction in Miami! The winner received two makeup kits by One Direction, $300 gift card to spend, airfares for two, hotel stay for two at the Turnberry Isle, two tickets to see the band perform, and transportation for the entire trip!

So, on October 4, I flew out to Miami from San Diego with my cousin. After many, many hours of flying, we finally landed in Miami! Our driver, Angel, was extremely hilarious! It was like being driven around by a funny, goofy uncle; he made us feel like family.

When we arrived at the Turnberry Isle Resort, we were greeted by its very friendly staff! I have always experienced good services at every hotel I stayed at (thankfully), but these people really went above and beyond to make sure that we were happy.

This was waiting for us when we arrived in the room! I gave my cousin the "Midnight Memories" makeup kit, while I kept the "Take Me Home" one for myself. For a summary of the kits, click HERE. For a review of another kit, to see an example of the great quality, click HERE.

I'm using my mug to hold makeup brushes! It's one of the things that I'll cherish forever. :o)

Did I mention that the makeup kits were autographed? :-D This means that the guys did touch these kits with their hands at some point! I know, I know, I'm starting to sound like a fan girl, but other than going to the concert, this was the closest that I've ever gotten to them, mmmkay? :-P

My cousin and I traveled very light. Each of us brought just one carry-on bag because we did not want to deal with missing luggage, carrying or pushing a heavy suitcase from one gate to another, etc., etc. We wanted to make our trip as stress-free as possible!

So, we traveled with matching Pan Am "Explorer" bags. Haha. If you would like to purchase your own, you may get it on Amazon.

And look at the gorgeous view! It had just finished raining, too, but that's Florida for you.


  1. OMG, that's awesome!!! I would love to win a giveaway like that! I'm so jealous! Looks like you had a blast!

  2. What great fun! Looks like you had a wonderful time.

    Keisha xo


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