04 November, 2014

Get Fit With Me! Week 4: Understanding and Accepting Your Body's Limitations

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Sorry that I haven't been updating much! I have been very busy cleaning the house, to make preparations for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I've gotten a lot under control, though, so you may expect to see me update on a near daily basis again. :o) I will also respond to questions and comments soon (been super busy!).

Before moving forward with Week 4 of my fitness journey, please be sure to read the previous weeks, too, if you haven't yet:

Week 1 covers:
  • My fitness routine.
  • What I eat.
  • The supplement I am taking.
Week 2 covers:
  • Replacing your sugar with healthier alternatives.
  • What I eat.
  • How I got rid of my red and purple stretch marks.
  • Before & After pictures from Weeks 1 and 2.
Week 3 covers:
  • Healthier dessert recipe.
  • Week 3 progress picture.

When I was younger, I thought that I could make my body look like any model's, if I dieted and worked out diligently enough. I did not think of bone structure, built, and metabolism level. For example, I can try as hard as I want to, but I'm not going to have a body like Miranda Kerr's or Kate Moss'; that's a fact that I have come to accept. Maybe my abs will never look like that of a Victoria's Secret model, but that's okay; I'm at peace with that fact.

Does this mean that I will stop living a healthy lifestyle? Of course not!

"If you are tired of starting over again, stop giving up."

The reason why so many people try a fitness or weight loss program, only to give up and then try again, repeating an endless cycle, is because they have unrealistic expectations. They don't see the results that they want, so they give up.

That is not the true purpose of eating healthy and exercising. The purpose is to give your body the best opportunities possible, so that it can be the best that it can possibly be. This means that after you have done all of the right things, the body that you are left with is the one that nature has intended for you. Of course, this does not mean that there won't be a physical improvement, because trust me, there will be! I look and feel better today than I did 30 days ago, and you will, too.

So, this is my 4th week on the OptiNutrients Ignite, and I continue to get amazing results with it. I'm more alert, energized, and active. My mood is improved overall as well.

The supplement has really kept my previously out-of-control snacking habit under control. I no longer eat mindlessly throughout the day anymore. I eat when I'm hungry, don't eat when I'm not. It's a very basic concept, but I think the reason why so many of us fall into "the snack trap" is because we are more sedentary than people of our parents' generation, so we tend to eat more but move less.

Be sure to read my updates from the previous weeks, especially Week 1, to learn more about the supplement!

Below are a few of my favorite meals for for Week 4. :o)

1) Dinner-in-a-pumpkin: a casserole made of cooked 99% fat-free ground turkey meat, cooked brown rice, chicken broth, mushroom, along with favorite seasoning and spices, baked inside of a pumpkin! To serve, simply scoop out the filling, along with the pumpkin meat. This filling yet healthy meal contains a good source of protein, vegetable, and complex carbohydrates.

It may not look pretty, but it surely is delicious!

2) Margherita pizza: I mentioned in Week 1 that I try to avoid processed carbs (flour, pasta, etc.) as much as possible, but I don't avoid them completely because I think that eating them once in awhile is okay. So, I treated Sean and myself to a homemade Margherita pizza!

For this pizza, I made the dough out of a high-quality unbleached flour, simple pizza sauce, low-fat Mozzarella cheese, thinly sliced tomato, and Italian herbs and spices.

Week 1: 127 lbs. / 57.6 kilo
Week 2: 122 lbs. / 55.34
Week 3: 121 lbs. / 54.88
Week 4: 120 lbs. / 54.43

Total weight lost: 7 lbs. / 3.17 kilo

*The food ingredients and gym membership are paid for by me.
**The OptiNutrients Ignite supplement was sent to me, free of charge, to review. The opinions stated here are my own.


  1. Thanks for sharing your progress Tammy! The dinner in a pumpkin looks amazing...I never heard of this technique before.!

    Keisha xo

    1. It really is delicious and easy to make. :o) I hope that you'll try making it sometime!

  2. Need to get myself in shape!! Great post :)

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. Awww, thank you! It's very fun to set a goal for yourself and accomplish it. :o)

  3. Just like you I have come to accept I just won't have a certain kind of body... here's my issue. I work out HARD and eat really healthy. It seems like I have leaned up but my build is so muscular I just keep gaining weight. :\ I have decided to take extreme weight training out of my diet and monitor my carb intake even more... but geesh! I don't think I will ever see 130 again. lol

    On the other hand you look amazing and thank you for sharing your journey with us. Health is something that interests me so I love seeing people talk about it. Okay i've been talking too much bye :)


    1. Hey, muscle weight is good, though! It's the fat weight that is a health risk. :o) I've been gaining weight again, too, but it's due to muscle forming through working out, so that's not a bad thing!

  4. A really big congratulations on your weight loss - it seems like you approached it so well. I'm really inspired by your dinner in a pumpkin - I'm definitely going to have to give that a go! xx

    Angelica // One Little Vice

    1. Awww, thank you! You should definitely try making diner in a pumpkin; it's sooo delicious, and you get to decide how to season it! :o)

  5. Thanks for sharing, this post it's really useful and interesting :)

    Join my giveaway:

    1. Awww, thank you for the compliment! :o)

  6. Mmm I want to try your pizza!
    Keep up the good work babe!

    Sarah x

  7. Just caught up on your last 4 weeks - great progress. You eat some amazing things - please cook for me?

    I'm trying to lose some weight but I've lost 0lbs in the last 2 weeks, even though I've started running 3-5 miles and eating really well!

    I'm going to try and change my diet and add some strength training into my diet this week.

    You asked in one of the previous posts for fitness blogs, I've been talking about my progress on my 2nd blog here if you want to check it out www.beginnerscycling.com

    Hope you're having a nice weekend
    Corinne x

  8. That's very motivating, updating your progess about weight loss makes me really think I too should start and shed out those extras. Keep it up girl !!! the pizza looks very tempting and yummy.


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