21 November, 2014

Get Fit With Me! Week 6: How to Enjoy the Holidays Without Gaining Weight

I know, I know, I did not update Week 5 last week, and now we're on to Week 6. As you may already know, the holidays season is a time when you are surrounded by very rich and decadent food. You want to join in on the festivity and eat delicious foods made from family recipes that have been passed down for generations, but you are reluctant to do so because you have been doing so well on your fitness journey.

The reality is, unless you apply the same discipline that you have been following in the past few months, losing weight during the holidays is going to be an impossible feat.

Those are the reasons why I did not update last week: I have not lost any more weight.

However, the good news is that I have not gained weight either! :o) I'm still exactly where I was at during Week 4.

So, here is a compromise that we can all follow if we want to: instead of focusing so much on losing weight during the holidays, let's focus on not gaining additional weight.

This is the most realistic option, in my opinion, because if we at least maintain our weight, we can continue to lose them once the holidays are over, without having to start all over again. Our hard work will not go to waste.

The question is: how? How can we do this effortlessly? While I don't think that I should tell you what to do, I can tell you how I do it. :o)

1) Each morning, I still take my OptiNutrients Ignite supplement, as usual. This keeps my Leptin* level up, so that I can maintain my weight. Read more about the supplement in Week 1.

*Leptin: a hormone that allows your body to know when you are full, so that you don't overeat. You need Leptin to let you know when you are full.

2) I realize that with how busy the next few months are going to be, I won't be able to go to the gym nightly, although I do go whenever possible. Also, I try to take walks with my sons when the climate allows me to. Sometimes when it's too hot, too cold, or too rainy outside, I would drive them to the mall and push their stroller around in there. You may read more about my usual fitness routine HERE.

3) Of course, I still eat healthy and keep myself hydrated with water. The tricks to enjoying holiday foods without gaining weight are as follow:
  • Pick your poison: is it something that you MUST eat? Will you feel deprived if you skipped it? If the answer is no, then don't eat it. Save the space in your stomach for a more meaningful dish.
  • Remember to keep yourself hydrated. A lot of times, we mistaken thirst for hunger. Also, by suggesting staying hydrated, I don't mean hydrating yourself with alcohol! ;-)
  • If you are going to a party, eat at home before you get there. Eat something healthy, filling, and nutritious.
  • Make your decision: either indulge with only one decadent dessert, or have only a few bites of each one. Let's say that there is a chocolate cake, an apple pie, and some vanilla ice-cream. If the chocolate cake is the one you feel most excited about, then have a slice of just that. If you want all three, then have only a few bites worth of each one. I have found that the first 3-5 bites are the most satiating; anything beyond that is just unneeded (for me).
  • Avoid peer-pressure! For some reason, many people don't like it when they hear that you are trying to become healthier. They will chide you for "eating so little," tell you "but you don't need to lose weight," or comment "you're hurting my feelings by not eating my food. If they don't stop, simply answer with this question: "Don't you want me to be healthy?"
As always, if you have any questions or concerns, comments, or suggestions, feel free to either leave a comment or send me an e-mail! 
Feel free to leave a link to your blog with your comment; I would love to visit. :o)

**The OptiNutrients Ignite supplement was sent to me, free of charge, to review. All opinions stated here are my own.

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  1. Such a fantastic idea, focusing on not gaining any weight and staying stable. I think that can keep us happier and healthier! You look amazing, so keep up the good work. I find that sleeping well and getting a good breakfast in has really been key for me, especially the sleep part. It just throws me off with everything.


  2. These are such great tips Tammy! Focusing on maintaining through the holidays is a fab idea. Who wants to be on a diet for Christmas?

    Keisha xo

  3. Excellent tips! I always think a big part of weight maintenance is portion control....enjoy, but enjoy in small bits
    The Doctor Diva

  4. Love the tips <3 ...You look good <3


  5. Hi Tammy! Same here, I've been dieting for a year now... but to no avail... I love food! LOL!


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