22 March, 2015

Anjolee Jewelry Review / Ways to Wear a Diamond Necklace

 One of my weaknesses is diamond jewelry. All of the sparkles are so irresistible, and I just adore how a diamond can reflect so much light that I can see it from all the way across the room!

However, I often wished that I had more control over how much I'm going to pay for a piece of jewelry (don't we all?). Of course, the best way to control how much you can pay for a piece of jewelry is customization.

Recently, I was contacted by Anjolee, a fine diamond jewelry business from San Diego, California. Anjolee is unique in that it allows the customers to have total control over the customization of their jewelry, which can significantly lower the final prices!

Be sure to check out their website to see the 360-degree view of all of the beautiful jewelry offerings!

Here's what Anjolee allows their customers to customize:
  1. Metals: white gold; yellow gold; platinum.
  2. Gold grades: white and yellow gold -- 10k, 14k, and 18k.
  3. Diamond colors: FG and HI.
  4. Diamond clarity: I1, SI1-2, and VS1.
  5. Carat weight.
Of course, if you need more help or information, you can always contact customers service!

My favorite jewelry type is definitely necklaces (don't forget to check out the gorgeous riviera necklaces, too!), with my favorite one being the Day-to-Night Diamond Drop Pendant. What I like about it is that it is so versatile; it really can be worn in all settings!

For example, I can wear it during the day with an outfit as simple as a pair of skinny jeans and plain tank top:

 Or after work with a trendy black dress, when I go out with my girl friends:

Or to a formal event, such as a wedding! Many female guests tend to wear shorter dresses at a weddings and parties; why not stand out in a beautiful jacquard gown with the Anjolee Day-to-Night Diamond Drop Pendant necklace?

Anjolee also generously sent me a gift, so that I can show you how their beautiful jewelry is presented. Want to see what it is?

Well, first, the gift arrived in shiny wooden box.

And inside is the sterling-silver-and-CZ version of the Day-to-Night Diamond Drop pendant! Again, this piece is a demonstration for illustrative purposes; your actual purchase will be of genuine precious metal (gold or platinum) and diamond.

The starting price for this necklace in gold-and-diamond is only $799.90; isn't that great?

Good news for my international reader: Anjolee ships internationally to many countries around the world! Did you know that it is actually cheaper to purchase diamond jewelry from the U.S. because we pay fewer and lower taxes, compared to other countries, where high taxes are calculated into the final cost? Just something to think about! :o)

Website: Anjolee.com
Facebook: Anjolee -- the Art of Jewelry. Remember to Like their Facebook page, because they constantly update it with awesome coupons!
Check out the high-quality videos of Anjolee jewelry on YouTube: Anjolee Diamond

What is your favorite type of jewelry to wear?
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  1. Oh wow, that pendant is absolutely stunning! I'll check the site out as I too have a weakness for diamond (which woman doesn't? LOL!) but my worries are the shipping costs and how safe it is to buy something that pricey though online? What if the shipment get lost?

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  2. This is a great brand! I really love the blue earrings, they look so distinguished, so chi and with a touch of color at the same time, the way I like jewellery!

  3. ooh such pretty things! I love diamonds but I don't own any currently. I do have an cubic zircona tennis bracelet that I wear every day which I suppose has a similar kind of look, but diamonds are just so much more special :) x

  4. Such gorgeous pieces, a diamond is definitely a girls best friend I think hehe <3

    Serene xoxo


  5. Oooh, such pretty jewelry!Thanks for all those lovely tips! <3

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

  6. Oh such pretty and sparkly pieces...these are really stunning. My fav piece of jewellry to wear is def a necklace.

    Keisha xo

  7. Wow, I love all your outfit selections! And your necklace is beautiful, even if it is CZ! Great review Tammy!


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