26 March, 2015

Nest Midnight Fleur Review

Quick note: I am currently traveling and blogging from the road, and all of my makeup were shipped to my new home ahead of time, except for a few very basic items. Thus, I do not have them on hand to photograph or review. However, I have a box of over 100 perfume samples, so most of my blog posts will be perfume reviews until I am finished with my travel. As perfume samples are very boring to photograph and view, all of the pictures featured are official photos from the manufacturers, unless otherwise noted.

Now, this is a perfume that is not worth the $68 price tag. In fact, it isn't even appropriate to be worn as a perfume. 

At first spray, Midnight Fleur smells nearly identical to Dior's Hypnotic Poison, but with the addition of the synthetic sweet jasmine note. This is a very intense perfume, even for nighttime, so if you are a fan of lighter or brighter fragrances, then you might not like this one.

Unlike Hypnotic Poison, however, Midnight Fleur also smells like a candle, instead of an upscale perfume. Granted, it smells like an expensive candle, but still a candle nonetheless. I felt as though I was wearing a scented candle on my body, the entire time that this perfume was on me.

Nest's Midnight Fleur is a blend of exotic woods, black amber, patchouli, night-blooming jasmine, and vanilla orchid.

Upon first spray, I can definitely smell the dark woods, along with something almond-like. The woods, almond (unlisted in the description), and patchouli together are what remind me of Hypnotic Poison. Soon after, the sweet jasmine note enters, with the amber right on its heel, and the perfume stays that way until it fades away completely, three hours later.

While I can smell the woods, patchouli, jasmine, etc., they are all very synthetic smelling and sugary, almost to the point of being sickening once it is warmed upon the skin. It's not a bad perfume, but more appropriate as a candle.

Have you tried Midnight Fleur?
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  1. Mmm... I was glad to read about a perfume with woods and patchouli, my favorite scents... but then you said it fades after 3 hours and also, so synthetic to the point of sickening a person... so not for me! Good to read your review!!!!!

  2. Oh don't think I want to try this one...Great review Tammy!

    Sarah x

  3. I've not heard of this brand before but it sure sounds like something that would be too heavy for me. Great review!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  4. I love this brand. Nest has some of the best smelling perfumes in my mind! Great post.


  5. I never heard about this product before. But the way you written down about that. I think It's such a good product!
    nice post!


  6. I love this packaging! Haven't tried this but would love to!

    The Latest. Beauty & Colour || Bloglovin

  7. Not tried it but will looking into getting samples. Thanks for sharing

  8. I have been following you on instagram for a while but I love your blog! x


  9. Such a great post dear. I never heard about this before.
    Have a beautiful day.

  10. This does sound lovely and I do prefer the sweeter scents so I might like this but it's a shame you don't! I think it does sound more like a candle kind of scent but personally I would like this maybe :) x


  11. Sounds like a great choice! :)

    Have a wonderful weekend! ♥

  12. I bet this smells amazing !


  13. Happy travels! Hope you are having a fab time. I am really put off by the fact that it smells synthetic and especially if it smells like a candle! Will be staying well clear of this one xx

    Brenda BusyBee

  14. From the way you've described it, I want it. It sounds like it smells amazing <3 :)

    Serene xoxo


  15. From the way you've described it, I want it. It sounds like it smells amazing <3 :)

    Serene xoxo


  16. Great review! Also, loving the new blog layout!!


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