04 June, 2015

Southern California VS Southern New Hampshire Fashion and Beauty

I know that a few weeks ago, I said that I had to stop blogging because I no longer had the time to maintain my blog. However, I started missing it a lot, you guys! Sean (my husband) suggested that I could maybe just blog once a week until I have more time to do more, instead of pressuring myself to do it regularly, so I'm going to take his advice.

Okay, on to the more important part of my update: Southern California v.s. Southern New Hampshire styles!

I grew up in Southern California, primarily in Orange County, and I spent the last two years of my life in San Diego with my husband and children. A couple months ago, we relocated to New Hampshire, which I have talked about extensively in my previous updates. While I now live in New Hampshire, I feel that I am a California girl at heart, and that is something I can never change. No matter what I wear, people can always tell that I'm "not from around here"! :-) I think that it's because of how I style myself and what I feel most comfortable wearing.

Not only is the climate here very different from Southern California, of course, but the styles are different as well, so I thought that it might be fun to talk about the differences!

DISCLAIMERS: 1) I do not claim that all people in California/New Hampshire are one way or another. Not everybody wears or owns the products mentioned below. However, they are the most commonly spotted on people and inside of closets. 2) These comparison charts are specific to Southern California and Southern New Hampshire. I do not know what people in Northern California and Northern New Hampshire typically wear.

How this research was conducted: 100% unscientifically! I observed people at the mall, walked up to strangers and asked questions, and asked my friends who work in the fashion and beauty industries.

While fashion trends come and go, and change with each season, there are items that are considered staples in women's closets. These are the items most commonly seen on people from each respective region.

First, let's look at Southern California:

1) Very tiny necklaces from the brand Dogeared. Even when massive statement necklaces were the must-have item of the moment, tiny necklaces were still highly sought after. It had to do with our resistance to feeling weighted down.

2) A tan leather bag with a lot of fringes. It's true, we have a thing for fringes and can wear them effortlessly! :-P

3) Tan leather wedges, of course! These are worn year after year; the style may vary slightly, but wedges never truly go out of style in SoCal.

4) A maxi dress with tribal-inspired prints. Again, the trends for the prints my change (chevron one year, stripes the next, etc.), but flowing, free-spirited designs are always in style.

Now, let's look at Southern New Hampshire:

1) French Sailor Striped Shirt: want to hear something interesting? For every five women I see at the mall, three are in these shirts!

2) Black skinny jeans. Not sky-blue, not indigo, not white, nor any other shade but black. Typically worn with black peep-toe shoes with 3-inch heels.

3) Eternity scarf made out of soft and light woven linen. The most popular designs right now are tribal-inspired and floral. Big plus if one scarf features both of those designs. Even though we are already in early June, the weather can still be very temperamental, with cold chills and rain that goes on for days.

4) When the black skinny jeans mentioned above aren't being worn with peep-toe heels, they are worn with black ballet flats.

5) Tan leather saddle bag. These are seriously so cute, and really tie an outfit together! I see them on a lot of women and girls around here.

Because the climates in Southern California and Southern New Hampshire are so different, people have different preferences for beauty products, too.

Again, I am not claiming that all of the people in California own these things, or that all citizens of New Hampshire are clones of each other. I am stating what are most commonly worn by people, and most commonly purchased.

Let's look at California:

Southern California is very diverse, with so many people of different races and ethnic groups. Combined that with perfect sunny weather throughout most of the year, the majority of Californians tend to have more color in their skin, even those with lighter skin tones would still have more color in their skin than their neighbors to the North/East, which has a huge influence when it comes to more commonly sold makeup shades.

1) Marc Jacobs "Daisy" perfume: since Southern California is perpetually warm and sunny, it is very easy for many perfumes to smell overwhelming. Marc Jacobs' "Daisy" is perfect for the climate because it is feminine, yet very light and soft; it even usurps Dolce & Gabbana's "Light Blue" in sales.

2) Dior's Diorshow mascaras: any in the Diorshow series in will do (there are several). These mascaras are really nice for length! Many Southern Californians tend to look for lengthening effects from mascaras, rather than thickening (of course, if a mascara could do both, that would be a plus!).

3) Clinique City Block Sheer SPF 25: I can see why this is one of the bestsellers in Southern California. Clinique City Block Sheer SPF 25 is an effective sunscreen that also softens skin, without making it any greasier than usual.

4) MAC "Viva Glam V" lipstick: remember when I mentioned earlier that California is very diverse? That's the reason why this is a bestselling lipstick there; it fits nearly every skin tone. I don't want to claim that this is a one-shade-fits-all lipstick, but it does fit most! (Photo credit and a more extensive review)

5) Nail polishes in various shades of blues: I seriously believe that this is the signature nail polish shade for the entire Southern half of California! Yes, the people there do follow nail polish trends, and change their shades according to what's popular each season. However, nail polishes in shades of blue are what girls can always count as on their go-to shades.

New Hampshire:

The population of New Hampshire, as a whole, is not as diverse as California. An overwhelming 95% (at least) is white, which has a lot of bearing in the more popular makeup shades around here.

1) Dior's "Miss Dior" perfume: while this can easily become heavy in California, it smells absolutely gorgeous and fresh in the cooler climate of New Hampshire. By the way, the current "Miss Dior" was previously "Miss Dior Cherie," while the original "Miss Dior" perfume released in the 1950s is now known as "Miss Dior Originale."

2) Nail polishes in super light pink shades: I am not surprised that these sell so well here, are you? They look beautiful on people with lighter, cooler skin tones, versus warm.

3) Benefit "They're Real!" mascara: while Southern Californians tend to look for lengthening mascaras, thickening ones sell better in New Hampshire. Benefit's "They're Real!" is very nice if you are looking to thicken your eyelashes. Personally, I need some seriously heavy-duty lengthening mascara. :-P

4) MAC "Ruby Woo" lipstick: a cool-toned red that is better suited for cool-toned people. At a job orientation that I went to last weekend, more than half of the girls wore MAC's "Ruby Woo" lipstick.

5) Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+: in the days after I moved to New Hampshire, my skin became so dry that it sucked in any moisture that it could find, even from my liquid foundation, leaving me with dry patches of the product on my skin. When I learned that this face lotion was a bestseller in this region, I gave it a try and my skin was healed! For as long as I continue to live here, I will continue to use Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+.

Which style closely resembles yours?
What's popular in your area?
If you have a blog, feel free to leave a link with your answers; I would love to visit! :o)


  1. Glad your back hun :) Great post!

    Stephanie | www.dearstephiiie.com

  2. These are stunning outfits wow the weather does seem very different!


    1. Very! The weather in California is definitely more consistent than here in NH -- hot one day, freezing cold the next.

  3. I am so glad that you took your husband's advice is is blogging again! I was thinking of you this morning - no joke - like "how is she doing in the new state" and now I kind of know! Call it intuition, and then there was a post! I understand what you are saying, cause I shift between places (parts of the year in different cities) and in some they don't say anything, just look at me and then I know they are thinking "she's not from here) and another people even ask me in some places "where are you from?" to what I reply "what made you think I am an outsider?" One lady answered me "your clothes", another "your perfume", hahaha! So how I understood the post, oh yes! Well, the differences you stated - what can I say... I studied in San Diego and I would say I would wear what you showed for California more, though the flats of New Hampshire would make me more comfortable. The perfumes, can't say much, cause I have both. Beauty, I do wear both styles and face- I have the Clinique Dramatic Difference cream :) So I think I "belong" to both! By the way, I post on my blog once a week, too. On other blogs joining a team more times a week, but believe me - once a week is great. It gives time to readers to come to the blog and "digest" information and my experience is, I love that way! Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Awww, Denise, you are so sweet!
      This is going to sound unreal, but I was thinking about you, too, seriously! Lol.
      Anyway, I love reading your blog; your outfits are always so creative and well put together!

  4. Love that maxi skirt, so pretty!

    Sarah x

  5. This post makes me curious about the fashion here in Canada lol


  6. Amazing post dear!


  7. Great advice from you hubby! I'm so happy that you're back. This was a fab post! I love the Californian style.

    Keisha xo

  8. I loved this type of post! It's brilliant and I'm so glad you're back . x

  9. Yeah glad your back. I love the New Hampshire style... That's totally me... lol.


  10. I am so happy that you decided to come back blogging and I completely agree with your husband, do it once a week or whenever you have time but don't quit completely, we missed you.

    This is such an interesting post and it's nice to see the differences in style between the two places.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  11. Oh no please don't give up! I think your husband is right - just blog when you can. I've felt the same recenty when I was having a crazy busy time at work - I was averaging one post and week and thought I should give up, but I stuck with it just doing the little bit that I could, much as it upset me, but now things are getting back on track with more regular posts again and I'm so pleased I didn't quit :)

    Gemma x | www.flutterandsparkle.com

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  13. Your husband has given you good advice. When I feel overwhelmed with a blog I take a couple of days off sometimes even a full week. I always come back with fresh eyes and a new perspective. Isn't interesting when you travel across the country how something can be the same and yet totally different?

  14. Hi Tammy! Same here, I can't blog regularly like before. I blame it all on my busy schedule. LOL! I only write once a week if I'm not too tired. I already have a lot of blog backlogs that I can't seem to even start. Hehehe~ Oh well... no pressure, blogging is my hobby and not my job. (^_^) Good luck, Tammy!


  15. So glad to see you back blogging and commenting again :D xx

  16. Same pinch :-p I also took a break from blogging. I am glad you are up for new posts now. Did not miss ya much as we took breaks at similar time. Next time also lets match up..lol :-)


  17. I've never been to New Hampshire, but I grew up on the East side of the USA and coming out here to California a couple years ago I can say I notice big differences in fashion, style, and what's popular in general. Amazing how 1 country can have so much diversity.


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