08 October, 2015

Explore the Enchanting World of Trollbeads: A Trollbeads Review

*This is not a sponsored post. Everything featured here was 100% purchased with my own money. All opinions stated here are my own.

Quick note: A few of the items featured in this post are no longer available, either because they were one-of-a-kind uniques, or discontinued.

Hello, friends!
It's been nearly three months since I last updated, I couldn't believe it. Since then, my family and I moved once again, to a more modern house this time, which is more suitable for our lifestyle! I also got a part-time job, which means that I've been constantly busy. When I'm not working, I'm at home taking care of our children.

Anyhow, today, I would like to share with you something that I've been obsessed with for the past two years: Trollbeads charm bracelets!

Before somebody asks me, "Wait, these are just like Pandora bracelest, right?"

The answer is an emphasized no. Trollbeads is not like Pandora. The two companies are very different, from their designs to the clienteles.

Founded in Denmark in 1976, Trollbeads is the original; the first company in the world that came up with this concept for charmed bracelets. Prior to that, charmed bracelets featured the more traditional dangling charms. The first charm was created by Soren Nielsen, which he put on a necklace. Later, his sister, Lise, began putting them on silver bracelets, and the rest is history!

So, what makes Trollbeads so wonderful?

1) All of the glass charms are designed and made by hand!

2) The silver charms are also designed by hand, while other companies design theirs with the computer. There is nothing wrong with using a computer, of course, as it is all a matter of preference! I happen to like the raw, rugged, handmade aesthetics. :-) Since everything is handmade, no two items are identical! Similar, yes, but not identical.

3) The philanthropic works that Trollbeads does. Did you know that Trollbeads goes into poor communities to teach people how to create glass beads, so that they can use their newly acquired skill to make a living?

While the charms designed by its competitors tend to be very shiny and straightforward (a soccer ball, an airplane, a tennis raquet, etc.), Trollbeads' charms are imaginative and seemingly magical, as though each one has a story to tell. The silver ones look like miniaturized versions of sculptures that could be found in a museum of modern art, while the glass charms all have this otherworldly, lit-from-within appearance.

I would go as far as saying that Trollbeads charms are both beauty and substance. I like their rough beauty, and each piece truly is a legitimate work of art.

Let's go back to the attention-to-details bit. Each charm is a spectacular work of art, no matter its size! To illustrate my point, here are the backs of three charms -- Mermaid, The Spirit of Freedom (the largest one), and one called Neither Bird Nor Fish.

Notice the satchel and dagger worn by The Spirit of Freedom; Trollbeads doesn't just focus on the frontside, but also the back!

I love Trollbeads for its substantial designs. In fact, I love everything, from its dark humor, to its attention to details.

Another cool thing about Trollbeads is how everything is unisex; they can all be worn by men or women, including the floral-themed charms!

Don't you just love how each glass charm looks like a painting? Each petal looks as though it was just plucked today, and immortalized in glass.

Below are the charms featured on my bracelet. If something isn't featured, it's either because it was a one-of-a-kind item, or has been discontinued.

All photo & description credits below go to Trollbeads.

1) Big Fish Lock

2) Amber Violets: Purple as a colour means royalty and power. These violets shimmer of pearl and cast beautiful shadows on a warm amber background.

3) Neither Bird Nor Fish: This Trollbead is called Neither Bird  Nor Fish because that's exactly what it is...neither bird nor fish.

4) Blue Desert: In the desert at dusk, the moon appears to be reflected in the myriad of sandy crystals.

5) Lamb: The innocence of the lamb and its unspoiled nature is a strong symbol - and a well-known disguise for the hungry and cunning wolf.

6) Blue Petals: Gaze into the heart of this beautiful, white daisy with its soft, blue hue. Each petal is folded delicately around the silver core.

7) Coffee Mug: To you with whom I have shared so many cups of coffee and good times. You know me so well... 

8) Aurora Flower: Stunning flowers sparkling of mother of pearl are decorating the Aurora. The ancient people of the North believed that the Aurora was the fire of torches lighting the way to heaven.

9) The Spirit of Freedom: Freedom. Fantasy. Dreams. This little kid inspires you to fulfill your dreams and hold on to the child inside of you. Inspired by the classic Peter Pan story, he is sailing through the sky and dancing on the waves. So just forget it, you can't control him, he is pure freedom.

10) Hopeful Poppies: Transient, fragile and yet so strong. The poppies spread joy in ditches and fields. Made of Italian Glass.

11) Trunk of Treasures: Protect your treasures of memories. Hide them in a hollow tree trunk.

12) Traces: We all leave traces - poetic, humorous, tender or thoughtful. Who has impressed you?

13) Mermaid: The little mermaid from Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale. The mythical creature of the sea, who is a symbol of female mystique and magnetism, and sometimes fatal to men.

14. Fairy: A little fairy-troll from the woods of Scandinavia. He is no bigger than a bumblebee and flies around with his tiny wings in the thicket, getting into trouble.

Where to buy: You may order online at Trollbeads.com, but I highly recommend using their store-search feature to find your local Trollbeads dealer. By supporting your local businesses, you are keeping your money local and strengthening your community! Also, while everything made by Trollbeads is very beautiful, nothing can beat the satisfaction of picking out your own charms. :-)

Have you ever heard of Trollbeads before?
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  1. I had no idea that Trollbeads were the original......you learn something new every day! I love the fish clasp! I recently received a flyer in the mail for a subscription service to a company that sells charms and charm bracelets. Seems like they're becoming more and more popular. I have been seriously thinking of getting one and I will check this company out!

    Hope your new job is going well! I know it's always hard for me to adjust to work when I've been away for a while or not had a job in a while. Hard to get the rhythm going again in life in a smooth matter. I also have moved a lot in my life, so I definitely know how that can take a toll on your life! Even if it's not that far away! Hope everything is going good for you. Keep in touch.

    1. Oooh, that subscription service sounds interesting! Lol. Do you happen to remember what it was?
      I'd love it if Trollbeads became more popular...just so people would have more to choose from. :o)

    2. The subscription service is called "Willabee and Ward". I don't think it's personalized, but they advertise it as such, so I'm not sure how it works.


  2. Cute bracelets!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  3. The charms are abdolutley beautiful. The glass beads being my fav.

    Keisha xo

    1. They are so addictive, Keisha, they're like Pokemon! Gotta catch them all. :-P

  4. Hello, dear!!!! How lovely it is to have you back, though I totally understand - moving again and a job, plus the family, it must be very hectic, but nice! I love Trollbeads and I had it before Pandora, this is true. I loved to know gthat they make a philantropic work and that they design by hand! I like glass beads and silver ones too. The lamb is my favorite charm among the ones you showed, but the mermaid is also sweet! I think you have excellent taste and I now want more Trollbeads!!! I like to support companies that make philantropic works like this one! Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Yeah, I'm glad to be back! I enjoy LOOKING at other people's Pandora bracelets, and can never resist looking at the store windows, but I've never felt compelled to own one of their bracelets. Lol.

  5. Replies
    1. I think they make great bracelets, too. Thanks for visiting! <3

  6. I absolutely love Trollbeads, I first saw them when I was on holiday in Hawaii and instantly loved how they looked I think you can get them here in the UK but are a bit harder to find. I just have a Pandora bracelet but do think the charms and overall look of Trollbeads is a lot nicer x

    1. Yeah, I admit it is a bit harder to find Trollbeads, but hopefully they'll expand in the near future!

  7. Gosh, this is wonderful! I had no idea Tollbeads are the originals, but it doesn't seem to surprise me as much now, looking at the pieces. They're absolutely gorgeous. I'd love the coffee mug one on a charm bracelet!

    Welcome back, by the way!

    May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin'

    1. Thanks for the welcome back! And definitely check out Trollbeads in person; pictures just don't do them any justice! <3

  8. WOW! I haven't heard about this company so I've red the post with very big interest! Thank you for it, now I want to buy this charms :) I wasn't a fan of Pandora but this I like brand after your review!! You have very good collection it looks awesome! My fave charm is The Spirit of Freedom :) It's so amazing!


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