06 February, 2016

I'm Obsessed With First Aid Beauty Skincare and My Skin is the Best that It's Ever Been

Despite living in a harsher climate now, my skin is the best that it has ever been in my entire life. In fact, my skin condition is way better now than it did ten years ago, when I was significantly younger.

First Aid Beauty (FAB) is known for their effective, yet super gentle skincare. FAB has this miraculous concoction that is a trade secret, which they put into the different skincare products from their brand, and of course -- each product also has its own magical formulation.

Personally, I have found FAB skincare line to be extremely effective; each product does exactly what it promises to.

My skin this Winter would have been much worse if it wasn't for FAB! To give you an idea of how cold Winter in New England is, here are a couple pictures. This is actually still considered warm, because the temperature is still above the freezing point. It is normal for the temperature to dip down below-freezing here in the Wintertime.

So, how do I use my FAB products? There is actually a science and method behind this; let me explain it to you! :-)

First, I would cleanse: At night, when I want to deep-cleanse my face to remove all of the makeup, I would use the Pure Skin cleanser. I actually use it in the shower to wash my body, too. This cleanser cleans my skin very well, yet does not leave it feeling stripped or dry.

However, in the morning, I prefer to cleanse my face with the Milk Oil cleanser because all that I need to remove is my nighttime skincare. Of course, the Milk Oil cleanser will also remove makeup; I just happen to prefer to use it on makeup-free skin. Anyhow, the nice thing about this gentle cleanser is that I don't need to rinse it! All I'd have to do is apply it to my dry face, and remove it with a cotton or a damp cloth.

After I have cleansed my face, I would treat it, day and night: First, I'd treat it with the Facial Radiance Pads. The pads are soaked in an alcohol-free solution that has low amounts of Lactic and Glycolic acids; gentle enough for daily use because of the low dosage, but still effectively purify my pores and exfoliate my skin. These pads chemically exfoliate your face, so you don't have to tug at your skin or damage the cell walls like you would with physical exfoliation (such as facial scrubs, for example).

But wait, I'm not done with treating my skin yet! Following the Facial Radiance Pads, is the Vitamin Hydrating Mist! All I'd do is mist this miracle vitamin spray all over my face and neck, give it about five seconds to absorb, and then follow with the next step!

After the Vitamin Spray is the Ultra Repair Liquid Recovery Concentrate serum. This is basically the concentrated Ultra Repair formula, which is used in a lot of FAB's skincare products. This product has been replaced with a gel-like serum, which makes application easier, but I prefer the watery Ultra Repair Concentrate. Don't get me wrong, the new gel-like replace is even better, formula-wise; I just happen to enjoy the watery texture of this one.

Anyhow, I'd pour a dime-sized amount of the Ultra Repair Concentrate into my palm, rub them together, and press the product into my face and neck.

Then, it is time to moisturize! I love moisturizing my face with FAB's Ultra Repair Cream because it hydrates and softens my skin, without making it greasy at all. Seriously, my skin is so plumped, glowy, soft, and smooth! I am always marveled when looking at it.

At night, I'd wear the Hydra-Firm Sleeping Cream instead of the Ultra Repair Cream. However, I love to wear the Hydra-Firm Sleeping Cream on my neck (the effect is amazing!), while pressing Sunday Riley's Flora oil into my face for hydration.

One thing I really like about FAB is that it is a local company, based out of Massachusetts! All of FAB's skincare products are made in the USA.

Where to buy: I purchase mine at Sephora, but you may find your local retailers at FirstAidBeauty.com

I hope that all of you have been enjoying a lovely Winter (or Summer, if you're in Australia). If you have a blog and would like to share a link with your comment, please feel free to; I'd love to visit!


  1. These products sound amazing. I love the sound of the vitamin mist it really seems quite refreshing. Great review Tanmy!

    Keisha xo

    1. Thanks, Keisha, for your compliment! The Vitamin Mist is one of my favorites from FAB. It feels and smells amazing (the scents are from the botanical extracts).

  2. Hello again, dear Laila! I was “off”, travelling, and when back I swear I needed recovery from holidays! I loved your products, I guess they really must be amazing like you said, and the FAB, it speaks for itself, fabulous :) I would love to try the facial cleanser (I love cleansers) and the pads! Hope you are fine!

    1. I'm doing great, Denise! Thank you for stopping by! I can't wait to read the tales of your traveling adventures. <3 If you do try the cleanser and pads, please be sure to let me know how they work out! I've been recommending them to everybody I know. Lol.

  3. I have never tried FAB products thinking that they will clog my pores due to silicones in cream.
    I can surely try out the cleanser and exfoliating pads.

    1. I have very large pores on my nose, and they have actually grown much smaller since I started using FAB! :-) Let me know how the cleanser and exfoliating pads work you for you. <3

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