18 March, 2016

The Face Shop Real Nature Lemon Mask Review

Hello, friends!
I hope that you've had a great week, and will have a wonderful weekend that's coming up. How was your St. Patrick's Day, if you celebrated it? Mine was very quiet; I just had a nice dinner at home with my husband and sons.

Today, I'd like to review a sheet mask that my friend gave me recently; it's a lemon mask from The Face Shop.

This Korean mask is literally a mask made out of fiber, made to fit over your face. The fiber mask is saturated with a generous amount of serum that promises to brighten your skin, and promotes its translucency.

The instruction says to leave it on for 10-15 minutes, but I kept mine on for 45 minutes -- the time it takes for all of the serum to get absorbed into my skin. Afterward, I took off the mask and rubbed in the remaining serum, then I rubbed the actual mask itself onto the back of my hands and top of my feet (why not? If it can benefit my face, I'd like it to benefit my hands and feet, too!).


  • Smooths out and softens my skin.
  • Pores are nearly invisible.
  • Fine lines are gone.
  • My skin looks brightened, healthy, and taut.
  • Significantly reduces redness.
  • Evens out my skin tone, making it look as though I'm wearing foundation, even though I'm not.
  • If used at two to three times a week, I can see this mask giving long-term results.
  • Contains hyaluronic acid.
  • Contains fruit and botanical extracts.
  • Suitable for normal, oily, and dry skin types.
  • Contains parabens (if that is an issue for you).
  • Contains fragrance (the scent is very light, however, and once the mask is on my face, I can no longer smell it).
  • Contains denatured alcohol.
  • Contains silicone.
The Face Shop Real Nature Lemon Mask INGREDIENTS: Water, glycerin, lemon fruit extract, butylene glycol, alcohol denatured, betaine, sodium hyaluronate, xanthan gum, hydrogenated lecithin, dimethicone, phaseolus radiatus extract, betula platyphylla japonica bark extract, rumex crispus root extract, carbomer, peg-60 hydrogenated castor oil, triethanolamine, methyl paraben, propyl paraben, fragrance.

Where to buy: Amazon, eBay, and of course -- you may Google for small online shops that sell them. 

If you enjoyed this review, and would like to see more reviews of sheet masks and Korean skincare products in general, I highly recommend Naturel Belle Femme. She also posts really cute and inspirational nail arts!

By the way, has anybody else tried the new limited edition drink from Starbucks, called Cherry Blossom? It is so delicious! I don't know about the availability in other countries, but in the United States, it's available through 3/20. Go get it now! It's a creamy strawberry frappuccino, with matcha sauce glazing the inside of the cup, topped with whipped cream, and a light dusting of matcha powder. So delicious!

Have you ever used a sheet mask? How often do you use one?

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  1. I love using sheet masks! I find them so relaxing, and always find them to be more effective than just smearing product all over my face xx

    Gemma ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Yes! Sheet mask, a plate of fresh fruits, and a glass of bubbly champagne. I can live like this. Lol.

  2. I love face masks, they are very refreshing & quite relaxing..Great review!


  3. I've never used one! But I'd love to try, I don't pamper myself enough! Great post xx

    1. Yeah, definitely find a good one and give it a try. It's actually very fun. :-)

  4. I've actually used masks from the Face Shop before when buying from g.market and this one sounds very refreshing and perfect for mornings with the lemon :) We don't normally celebrate St Patrick's day but my friend does that's Irish :) xx

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

    1. I'll have to check out what else The Face Shop is offering; this was my first time using a product from them! Someone told me that I should store all of my face masks in the refrigerator, so they'd feel good on hot days. Lol.

  5. Great to have another option for face masks, I've been looking for a good one and might try this one, thanks!

    Camila | www.myvoguestyle.com

    1. Yeah, I lve sheet masks because you don't have to rinse anythung off. So convenient! :-)

  6. This sheet mask sounds very impressive.

    1. It really is! Totally surpassed my expectations. Lol.

  7. Amazing!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

    1. Aw, thanks for stopping by. You have a great weekend, too! :o)

  8. The alcohol is one of the determining things I look into before I buy a product as I can be very sensitive to it. Great review!

    Heba xx || The Heba

    1. Thank you! I understand that not every skin type agrees with alcohol, so it's important to mention it in the review. :o)

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  10. I am going through a rough/low time in my profession (unrelated to blogging) and you really made my day.
    Words will feel very small to express how much happy you made me today sweetheart.
    You are made with a heart of gold.
    Lots and lots of love. Stay blessed buddy <3



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