30 May, 2016

Hask Charcoal Purifying Shampoo & Conditioner Review

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I hope that Springtime has been as been as enjoyable in your corner of the world as it has been in mine.

Recently, I had the privilege of experiencing Hask haircare products, and I'd like to talk about them today!

The products that I tried and fell in love with were the Purifying ShampooPurifying Conditioner, and the Purifying Deep Conditioner!

The Purifying line features charcoal and citrus oils, which provide a lot of benefits for your scalp. Charcoal from this line is derived from the coconuts of the Philippines; it acts as a magnet-drawing out the impurities and irritants away from your scalp. Then, the Vitamin C-rich lemon and grapefruit oils invigorate and revitalize your hair without stripping away your natural oils, while adding shine to it.

In fact, the Purifying line cleanses your hair effectively yet gently, leaving it with a natural vibrancy and bounce!

Hask Purifying Shampoo is rich, creamy, and totally sulfate-free! The charcoal in the shampoo and conditioner rinses out very easily! Did you know that the shampoo is perfectly safe for color-treated hair?

What I like to do is that after I've wet my hair, I'd squeeze out a small amount, rub my palms together to create a lather, and then massage my scalp to deeply clean my scalp, while allowing my hair follicles to open up and breathe, thus encouraging hair growth! 

After I've rinsed the shampoo out of my hair, I would then condition it, all the way to the tips! Then, I'd put on my shower cap in order to allow the conditioner to work its magic, while I spend a minute to wash my body.

Did you know that I get complimented on my hair by somebody at work almost daily? "Tammy, your hair looks so healthy!" is something that I hear so regularly. You have no idea how many times I've said, "Thanks! It's because I use Hask shampoo and conditioner! You totally have to try it.

Don't forget the deep conditioner treatment, too! The packet is generously sized, and my hair is very short at the moment, so I get two uses out of each. I need to use it only once every 3-4 days! It just leaves my hair feeling so luxurious, I love it!

A really cool fact about Hask is that it sources only the best ingredients from around the world, and does not perform tests on animals! In fact, Hask has very high standards and expectations from its ingredient suppliers, as well. Also, all Hask products are proudly made in the USA! 

To learn more about Hask or find the perfect way to care for your hair type: http://haskbeauty.com/
Where to buy: Use the Hask product locator!
Ways to follow Hask: FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest.

*While these products were sent to me free of charge to try, my experience and opinion are 100% my own.

Have you tried Hask haircare products? 
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  1. Love it! I actually use Hask as well, but I don't use their Charcoal line, I use their Keratin line. They work wonders on the hair!

  2. Wow, I must try Hask brand. Looks really tempting to try out.


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