31 January, 2017

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer Review

As I am writing this review for you to read, my chin is in the most excruciating pain I've ever felt. Actually, it's the skin on my chin that is in pain. Why? Because I had the misfortune of having tried what could possibly be the worst foundation that I've ever worn since I started wearing makeup.

The only two other times that I was in this much pain were after I had my wisdom teeth removed and my painkiller didn't work, and also the time I had given birth via C-Section, and the hospital sent me home without any painkiller at all, nor did they prescribe me any.

WARNING: What you are about to read next may be disturbing. No horrible pictures, thankfully, but this is going to be a descriptive review. AGAIN, WARNING.

Last week, I received a sample of Clinique's Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer (this is why you are seeing the stock photo instead of the actual product) with my beauty purchase. I tried it on, and absolutely loved it, until the next day. It has been five whole days since I tried it, and I am still in so much physical pain from it.

Let's look at the Pros and Cons, shall we?

Pros: Amazing full coverage (no concealer needed!) with the most natural finish ever. Lasted all day, and did not fade, smudge, crack, or break down until I washed it off before bed.

Cons: After just one use, I woke up the next morning with painful bumps all over my chin and up to just the outside of my lower lip. Each bump is filled with a hard, waxy yellow bead. Did I mention that my entire chin was covered in them? I did not try anything new on my face, other than this foundation. I removed the foundation completely using the double-cleanse method, too; double-cleansing is when you cleanse your face with one product, and then cleanse it again using another product, to ensure complete removal. Also, the sponge that I used to apply it was 100% clean, as I clean my makeup tools every morning after I've finished using them. Lastly, nothing in my diet had changed.

My chin is still in so much pain, even five days later, and both of my toddler sons pointed at my chin and asked, "Mama ow? Mama ok? Oh, no, Mama ow!"

I haven't worn any makeup for the entire week, as my chin is so inflamed that I want to give my skin a chance to heal before adding makeup to it.

Mind you, I do not have sensitive skin; you can literally rub grease on it, and it'd be fine. Even worse (yes, there's worse!) is that the hard, waxy bumps stick so far out of my skin that I can easily pull one out, which I did. After I pulled the first one out effortlessly, that pore started bleeding, so I stopped and left the site alone.

It is now day 5. My skin has slightly improved. Each day is slightly better than the last, but progress has been slow. I've been so distressed over this, that I don't even want to talk to anybody.

2/3/2017 update: I am now on Day 8. My skin is 99% better, except for a dry patch. After the bumps went away (thanks to chemical exfoliation), my chin had a large dry scab on it for several days. It is now looking much better.

Disclaimer: This post wasn't too insult anybody's taste or preference. If this foundation works for you, that's great! It just happened to cause a very severe reaction from my skin. Therefore, it is the worst foundation that I personally have used, thus far. Not saying that it is the worst foundation; just the worst one I've ever tried. :-)

What's the worst beauty product you've ever used?
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  1. Too bad this foundation caused all these problems, I am not a fan of the clinique products,I used them in the past and my skin didn't like them, even the ones that are designed for oily skin felt too oily for me. So I have been avoiding them.


    1. I know exactly what you're talking about! Their foundations don't live up to their promises, and their skincare formulas tend to have very outdated formulas, even the newly released ones. Clinique foundations remind me of what was considered new and innovative back in the '90s. That brand needs an overhaul, not just in packaging, but formulas as well.

  2. Obvious people haven't read your review with the comments above :/ but o my gosh it sounds horrific. I definitely won't be trying it as your experience is awful. I hope the pain subsides soon for you xx

    1. Yeah! Lol. I removed them in order to maintain the integrity of this blog.

      Part of me wants to tell you that the foundation might be worth a try, since a lot of people seem to like it (at least on YouTube...hah), but just one try might result in something disastrous, so I don't think it's worth the risk. :-O

  3. Oh no, what for a horrible thing to happen! And that you said it was or is so bad, like the 3rd place after the most terrible pains you had, with removing the wisdom teeth and giving birth. It's sad, since Clinique used to be a good brand. Well, I do have sensitive skin and so, I won't buy this foundation! I thank you for the review and hope you recover soon!

    1. Thank you, Denise! I am doing much better now. Definitely a foundation to avoid if you have sensitive skin!

  4. Oh no ! I hate it when a foundation everyone loves doesn't work out. I also had na bad experience with Clinique foundations breaking me out - nothing as hectic as yours though. Hope your skin gets back to normal really soon. xx


    1. Thanks, Lynette! I've learned my lesson; from now on, I'm just going to stick with what I'm familiar with. Lol.


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