29 January, 2017

Scented Sunday: Aerin Lauder's Ikat Jasmine Perfume Review and a Mini Haul

I had a little haul from Nordstrom about a week ago. Granted, I actually bought only one item--a bottle of Aerin Lauder's Ikat Jasmine perfume, but it arrived with all of these things:

If you're wondering what ikat is, it is a type of specially woven fabric, which results in very unique patterns:

Aerin Lauder--Estee Lauder's granddaughter--named her perfume Ikat Jasmine because she wanted a perfume that smelled textural. In this case, a perfume that brought to mind images of woven fabric.

Look, the box has the beautiful ikat pattern! I don't usually keep perfume boxes unless they're really beautiful (like ones from Penhaligon's), but I'm going to hold on to this one for awhile. Maybe I'll cut up the box and make a greeting card out of it.

Sorry about the picture quality! I had to use my phone to take the pictures for this post, since I had trouble locating my real camera.

The bottle looks half-full here, which is due to the indentation at the center, where the label goes. That aside, isn't the packaging so gorgeous? The bottle is a high-quality glass bottle with multi facets. It has gold accented cap, topped with a beautiful white stone.

So, what does Aerin Lauder's Ikat Jasmine smell like anyway?
To me, it smells like a very expensive clean jasmine, supported by white gardenia petals and a hint of citrus. If you take Creed's Jasmal, blend it with Kai's Kai, and add just a light hint of effervescent citrus, you'd get Ikat Jasmine.

While Ikat Jasmine does not have a strong projection, I can still tell that it is a high-quality perfume made with high amounts of oils. Ikat Jasmine is beautiful, elegant, and unobtrusive. It stays close to the skin, and you'd catch whiffs of it throughout the day. I love how the perfume is beautiful without being a distraction, because at this stage in my life, I have no desire to wear a perfume to "make a statement." If you are a fan of Jo Malone's scents, you might enjoy Ikat Jasmine, too, as they share similar qualities-pretty, subtle, quiet.

Would I repurchase Ikat Jasmine? The jury is still out on this one, but I will repurchase it if I'm still in love with it by the time I'm done with the bottle.

Alright, onto the gifts-with-purchase! Let's see what I received.

1) For spending a certain dollar amount (I can't remember how much!), I could choose a four-piece gift set in one of the following scents: Pleasures; Beautiful; Modern Muse.
I chose the Pleasures gift set because I already have a large bottle of the perfume, and wanted to have the mini bottle to carry in my purse. I admit--I really waffled between Pleasures and Beautiful; it was a tough choice!

2) Because I spent over a certain amount, I also received these amazing items! 
The gift set came with deluxe sized samples of the Take it Away Makeup Remover Lotion (it melts into a watery texture, instead of greasy!), Advanced Night Repair serum, Advanced Night Repair Eye cream, Sumptuous mascara, SPF 15 DayWear cream, and two full-sized lipsticsk.

3) Nordstrom also had a beauty event, and my order qualified to receive these deluxe sized samples. Sorry about the picture quality for this one; I'll do better next time, I promise! Lol.

Included in this gift set were very large samples of Amore Pacific's foundation cushions in five shades (along with a sponge), SK-II's essence, another sample of Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair serum, Le Labo's Santal 33 perfume (gorgeous! But I'm undecided on whether woodsy scents really fit my personality), Kiehl's Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate, Clinique Lash Impact Mascara, La Mer's Lifting Serum (I have been using this daily for the last few days, and it is amazing! Not sure if I'm ready to spend over $300 on it, though, as my skin doesn't really need it right now), and Fresh's Creme Ancienne Ultimate Nourishing Honey Mask.

4) I also received a full week's chemical peel treatment by Dr. Dennis Gross for my skin. I can't wait to use it!

5) And last, but not least, as usual--all beauty orders from Nordstrom receive three samples of your choice!
I chose the YSL highlighter samples (they're great!), Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream, and Replica's Lipstick On perfume (easily the worst perfume I've smelled in the last ten years, but I'm really glad I got to try it first; review coming soon!).

Honestly, I was so touched by Nordstrom's generosity. I have been a shopper for years, and am always treated respectfully. Whenever I have an issue with my purchase, the staff always handles it quickly and graciously. Out here in New Hampshire, the closest Nordstrom is nearly two hours away in Massachusetts. Furthermore, having been spoiled by tax-free living (it's true--New Hampshire residents don't have to pay sales and income taxes!), I don't want to drive to Massachusetts and pay their sales tax. Thus, I've been ordering online from Nordstrom to take advantage of tax-free shopping, and free shipping both ways! On top of that, I use Ebates, so I get a portion of my purchase refunded, as well. Isn't that great? Haha.

This post isn't a plug for Nordstrom; I don't get paid by them for doing this. I'm just a very big fan of their store and generosity. However, if you'd like to sign up for an Ebates account, you may do so here (affiliate link).

What is the most recent perfume that you've acquired--whether as a gift or purchase?
If you have a blog, feel free to share your link; I'd love to visit!


  1. This is a great post, I didn't know what Ikat was and now I know, and Ikat jasmine has a nice box and I simply love perfumes, so I was glad about the ones you could choose - I love Modern Muse! So many nice things you got, I love cosmetics and perfumes! Hope you have a very nice week!

    1. I didn't know what ikat was, either, until I tested the perfume and got curious! Lol.

  2. omg this post is amazing I just love your style :)


  3. So much good stuff!


    1. Yeah, it was like Christmas all over again! :*)

  4. Happy new year dear. Awesome haul. EL all day wear cream is awesome. I adore it.

    1. Thanks! I hope that you've been having a wonderful new year, too!


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